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Targeting in ClassicUO

ClassicUO uses an upgraded version of the Razor assistant which supports great targeting features.

Smart Target
With Smart Target enabled you can set targets as Beneficial and Harmful seperately. Beneficial spells and actions will only be performed on the Beneficial target. Harmful spells or actions will only be performed on the Harmful target. It is useful because then you can use your Last Target hotkey to both heal your allies and cast damaging spells on your enemies, without having to constantly retarget.

It can be enabled here:

Therefore we can understand that to make the most of it, we must be able to easily set the Beneficial and Harmful targets to what we want. That's what the rest of the guide is about here.

How to select/cycle target?
Selecting your target can be done in many ways. It is a little bit complicated, so let me start with the easiest solution which works well for most people. If you enable 'Next/Prev Friendly' sets beneficial only and 'Next/Prev Non-Friendly' sets harmful only, it means that using the hotkey for Next Friendly Humanoid will only set the Beneficial target and the hotkey for the Next Non-Friendly Humanoid will only set the Harmful target. This is good because then we can achieve the seperation between the two targets, which was the point of Smart Target.


The specific hotkeys that are affected by these settings are found here:


Once you have done that, you will be able to use those hotkeys to cycle the Beneficial and the Harmful target. It is useful for most people, since usually you want Friendly (blue, green) targets to be Beneficial, and Non-Friendly (red, grey, orange) targets to be Harmful.

It is specific for those hotkeys. Under the current settings we have made so far, any other means of cycling will set the target to both Harmful and Beneficial. And remember that if a cycling method changes the target to both Beneficial and Harmful, then the point of Smart Target, which is to be able to maintain two seperate targets, is negated. Therefore to use the other cycling methods (for example Next Innocent or Next Murderer), we have to go about it another way.

But first some more general comments:
Under any circumstance you can always override the Smart Target by manually targeting a player or creature with either a harmful or beneficial spell, and it will always set what you targeted manually as either Harmful or Beneficial. You can also override the Smart Target by using the hotkey for Set Last Target, which will always set the target you choose to both Beneficial and Harmful. You can also seperately set hotkeys for Set Last Target (Beneficial) and Set Last Target (Harmful) which allows you to manually select your target without having to actually perform either a beneficial (such as healing) or harmful act on that player first.

The hotkeys for this are found under the targetting options:

Using a Friends list:
Let's get back to other methods of cycling. Any other method of cycling than the one described above, and which wants to properly take advantage of Smart Target will have to make use of the Friends list function.

In this case we you need to go back to Options - Targeting & Queues and then enable 'Next/Prev Friend' sets beneficial only. It is found here:

With this option enabled, the only way to set your Beneficial target will be to use hotkey for Next/Previous Friend. Next/Previous Friend only selects targets from your Friends list. We willl get to the Friends list soon. Any other method of cycling targets will only set the target to Harmful. This provides great versatility in how you manage your targeting, the downside is that you must maintain a Friends list. You can use the hotkeys for Next/Previous Friend without enabling the "Next/Prev Friend sets beneficial only", but that will never make proper use of Smart Targetting and therefore will not be discussed anymore here.

The Friends list can be found under the Friends tab. You can create a new list by pressing the + sign:

Adding players to the list can be done manually, by using a hotkey or by checking the option of Treat party members as 'Friends'. Under the Misc tab you will find hotkeys that can be used to add people to a Friend list, in this case the Friends list is called "Guildmembers", but you can name your list anything you want:


Friend Add All Humanoids will add all humanoids on your screen. Friend Add All Mobiles will add all mobiles (which includes monsters) to your list. Friend Add Target will bring up a target cursor for you to select one target to add to the list. Friend Toggle Group will either enable or disable the list from being active, if the list is deactivated then your Next/Prev Friend cycle hotkey will not select targets from that list anymore.

Additional Friends list options:
Finally there is an option to set Next/Prev Target ignores 'Friends'. With this option, you will never cycle through anything on your Friends list unless you specifically use the hotkey for Next/Prev Friend. This can be useful for example if you are playing a murderer with your friends who are also murderers, and encounter another murderer who is not on your team. Then you will be able to cycle with Next Murderer, without cycling through any of your red friends.

It can also be used to set up an ignore list, such as adding all the NPCs of a town or area who will no longer be cycled through:

- The targeting options are great.
- You can probably make any sort of targeting macro that you want, if you spend a few moments to think about how it works.
- If you're only fighting vs players who are red, grey or orange you should use the first method described, and consider making a Friend list with NPCs to ignore.
- If you're PKing and fighting vs blues or other innocent players, you are better off making a Friends list and using Next/Prev Friend.
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Cool! What buttons/layout would you recommend for some of the major targeting option like 'set last target' or 'attack last target' etc
Cool! What buttons/layout would you recommend for some of the major targeting option like 'set last target' or 'attack last target' etc
It's really up to you. Since you end up having a ton of hotkeys, it often turns into some random stuff.

I use § for Set last target. and Ctrl-§ for next non-friendly and Alt-§ for next friendly, and Ctrl-3 for attack last target. More habit than anything else. In an ideal world I would set up Set beneficial, Set harmful & also previous non-friendly & previous friendly - but it's hard to fit everything you want within easy reach.



first OF ALL thanks for the post! Helps a lot!

i still have 2 doubts:

1) I was using Sallos on another server... Its very great for pvp, and thats my objective here.. pvp
It has a option on target "find", its a kind of smart cause if u are a PK, it "finds first" blue players, and if there isnt any player it sets a monster as target.. I tried but didnt find any similar option.. Which one should be?

I noticed that the "closest" options in not available.. why? Just closest humanoid or mobile.. i dont know one who will work for both...

2) One more thing that i cant find is how i clear target queue. I found the option but is not working as i would like

i mean, in sallos i have a macro for self great heal for example. I use F1 for that... and the "clear target queue" is spacebar

I press F1 and i cast greater heal on me.. if i press F1 and right after i press spacebar i cast great heal and it will not target on me anymore, but the target will be displayed, wasiting to be set

Well. Thanks in advance for the help!!!


Another feature is to create an absolute target in targeting/options (named it mytarget for example) >> and create 2 macros

1: setvar 'mytarget'
2: target 'mytarget'