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The Beginning of the End of Life [Interactive Forum + In-game Roleplay]

~ A caricature philosopher I was seeing in Ukraine just contacted me that she had a dream of me riding on a "strange dark creature-like horse". It inspired a roleplay and gave me an excuse to give Outlands a shot missing old UO. Will play on the forums until my computer gets in then carry this roleplay into in-game with a fresh toon ~

A prophecy.

A vision of a Necromancer Lord on a “strange dark creature-like horse”, its allies now betrayed, generals of bone and dust.

A legion of undead invade descending on the last bastion of life.


My character is a dark lord of the past recently re-animated and vulnerable. The noob must get other players to help him reacquire his power and spread dark dominion across the lands. He has a secret way to permanently die. Anybody want to have some fun? 3:->↝
Can use a lot of help because of all the new lore, geography, skills..

*lightning and thunder*
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