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The Black Birthday Carnage

The day started off with MINAX being in control... She didn't even allow the vampire mother - one, last glimpse of her son.
Especially on his special day. It was like a slap in the face and Shadow Dancer fought against the spirit that held her captive
in the confines of her own mind... to no avail.

As the day progressed Shadow Dancer could feel MINAX growing stronger.... drawing from a dark energy that she shared
with the child... her child.. she would miss him but he had grown distant, cold, menacing.. even towards her. This was the price
the use of an evil spell had cost her. Being locked in her own mind... she couldn't even cry.

As the day wore on, Shadow Dancer caught brief flashes of a huge battle being fought... so much death.
Death did not bother her overmuch. However, she also felt a heavy foreboding.
Then all of a sudden she was in control...
She faced a monster, across a bloody battlefield, littered with so many dead bodies. Aphistemi was dying. He had several
knights slashing at him with various weapons. A pack of animals were attacking, as well as, a dozen mages.

Shadow Dancer watched as if in a daze... as her son stumbled, wheezing on the blood clogging his leaky lungs, looked directly
into her eyes with a snarl on his lips and charged straight for her in a deadly lunge. He never made it.
He fell into a bloody heap, right in the middle of the path dissecting the village.

Shadow Dancer felt numb. Defeated.. even though she didn't pick this particular fight. She was tired and she felt used.

Yew was mad and a few of their officers had cornered her, before she gathered her wits about her.
They were out for blood but settled for answers, when they saw how weak and humbled this vampire queen seemed to be.

Shadow Dancer didn't even put up a fight when Rhiannon Roth took her prisoner and Bartuk threatened her with torture.
She answered all of their questions and then submitted to "a cleansing by fire" & "resurrection in virtue".
She felt the spirit of MINAX leave her. She was free and that made her happy.
So today she would cling to the virtues... tomorrow would be soon enough to seek the essence of chaos, once again.

She also took pleasure in the burning of MINAX's sacred scrolls....
even though she had to burn them several times before they actually disappeared.