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The Choomer Event - it is soon time to declare the next Orchish Champion!

At the end of next month - Bloodrock Clan, Boulderfist Clan & Bloodclan will arrange the Choomer Event! The best of the best Dexxers from each clan will meet and fight versus each other to prove their worth as the next Champion in the Orchish Horde. The winner will be given a special rank that can be displayed, to show and command both fear and respect from humans and orcs that this orchish individual is not to be messed with!

-This will be a 1 vs 1 Dexxer tournament, most templates are welcomed! ( Magery and Kritters (pets) will not be allowed.. )
-There will be a set amount of Potions, unlimited bandages and food and no-pre poisoning on weapons. If the orchish toon is trained in the poisoning skill, he or she may poison their spears or blades during the Fight. 1x bottle of poison will still count towards their maximum amount of potions allowed...
-Only GM weapons and armor, made of standard iron or wood, will be allowed.
-The fighting ground will be marked and displayed, running outside of this area to recover will not be allowed.

There is still time to skip rope and run laps from the Fort to Corpse Creek to work on the endurance and get your Orc Toon fit for this challenge! Or perhaps you prefer to be immobile - relying on those heavy hits to take your opponent down?! The choice is yours!

For you that wish to take part in it - you will have to make an orchish toon and join up with one of the orc clans! For you that wish to remain Human - the event will be streamed, so you will have your chance to follow it, if you so wish it!

NOOOOOOGRAH, ladies and gentlemen of the UO Outlands Shard!