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The King's Faire - August 10-25 - Opening Ceremony on Saturday, August 10th at 2pm EST


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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


King Iaric IV of Prevalia invites all citizens of the realm to The King's Faire!

Celebrating the strength and unity of Prevalia for over 70 years, the King's Faire has brought generations together amidst hardship and turmoil to revel and put aside their troubles.

Originally held by King Calym III beginning in the years following the tyrannical rules of the Mad Emperors and the sacking of Lower Prevalia, the King's Faire was a way to help heal the suffering and pain of the Prevalian people, as well as a method of raising money to help Prevalia rise to power once more. The Faire has since become a tradition observed by citizens across all three Kingdoms -- with games, entertainments, refreshments, and more for all to enjoy!

For the sake of keeping the King’s peace, the Faire, with the aid of Dornoll the Druid, is held on a hidden island known only to the Druids. For that reason, all who wish to partake in the merriment must climb aboard the ferry conveniently located at the Prevalian docks.

So come try your hand at the Axe Throw, Jousting, Ladder Golf, the Dunk Tank (a long-standing tradition of ‘drowning’ the Mad Emperor Linus, and the grief that followed his reign), Boxing, and much more! Special vendors and merchants shall make their unique wares available! Come watch the realm’s finest jugglers and fire breathers! Participate in the King's Faire Fishing Tournament!

Most of all, come and enjoy yourself! The ferry departs from Prevalia harbor!

August 10 - 25, 2019

(as written by @ErikGray)
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Once the Opening Ceremony (Saturday, August 10th at 2pm EST) has been held, there will be a permanent Ferry/Moongate that can be found at the Prevalian Harbor, southeast of the main bank, which leads to the Fairegrounds.

The Faire will be split into two weeks, at which point all scores will reset and start anew. At the end of Week 1 and Week 2, King's Faire Champions will be awarded their prizes.
  • Week 1: August 10-18
  • Week 2: August 18-25
  • Free Play Day: August 25-26
    • There will be a "Closing Ceremony" event on this day as well!
On Sunday, August 25th the King's Faire will be free to play, but no prizes will be awarded. We hope this will allow EVERYONE to partake in the fun and experience the Faire before the Fairgrounds are shuttered until next time.

The King's Faire itself is its own region, where players:
  • Cannot perform negative actions onto others
  • Cannot cast spells
  • Can play Faire Games and earn prizes


There are several ways to obtain King's Faire Tickets:
  • Purchase for 500 Gold from the Ticket NPC Vendor at the Faire
    • Blessed and automatically placed into bank
  • Low chance of dropping throughout the world on monster's corpses while the event is active
    • Are NOT Blessed and can be looted/stolen
  • Trade/Purchase from a player
  • Staff sponsored raffles

Faire Games:
Each Faire Game costs 1 King's Faire Ticket to play.
  • Archery Hotshot
  • Axe Throw
  • Boxing Bouts
  • Chugging Contest
  • Dunk Tank
  • Fishing Frenzy
  • High Striker
  • Jousting
  • Ladder Golf
  • Squiball

Event Scoring:
  • Each Faire Game has its own Scoreboard and scoring
    • You can view the current score by typing [eventscore (updated every 5 minutes)
  • Each Faire Game is worth up to 100 points
    • A player in 1st place of an event will have 100 points
    • A player in last place of an event will have 1 point


Faire Champions and Rewards:
  • At the end of the King's Faire:
    • All participants will be eligible for a participation ribbon and trophy based on your [eventscore ranking
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each of the individual event will receive a unique rare item prize. In the event of a tie, tied players will receive the same item.
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall [eventscore will receive a special prize. In the event of a tie, both players will receive the same item.
    • Every player who plays a game will receive a Collectable Card. Week 1 and Week 2 cards are different/unique.


Prevalian Merchant King's Faire Items:
  • Birdbath
  • King's Faire Fireworks Poster
  • Juggling Balls (Blessed)
    • Adopts a random rare hue on purchase
    • Unlimited uses
    • 30 second cooldown
  • Firebreathing Oil (Blessed)
    • Unlimited uses
    • 30 second cooldown





  • Horse Topiary
  • Llama Topiary
  • Bear Topiary
  • Deer Topiary
  • Wolf Topiary
  • Large Lilac
  • Medium Lilac
  • Small Lilac
  • Large Snapdragon
  • Medium Snapdragon
  • Small Snapdragon
  • Spirea Bush
  • Dreamcatcher

Permanent New Additions to the Prevalia Market (NOT LIMITED EDITION):
The large gold-only addons (animated fish ponds stone/marble, marble baths and wood tubs) are NOT limited edition and will remain on the Prevalian Market indefinitely.
  • Animated Indoor Fishpond (Stone)
  • Animated Indoor Fishpond (Marble)
  • Marble Bath (East)
  • Marble Bath (South)
  • Wooden Tub

Limited Edition Shimmer Solstice Cloth (Hue 1967) Week 1 (Aug 10-17):

Limited Edition Shimmer Dahlia Cloth (Hue 1956) Week 2 (Aug 17-25):

Fun Faire Food:
Unique and delectable food that can be purchased from the Faire Food Truck for 500 gold each. Some of these items have special effects so be sure to collect them before they are gone!

More details coming soon!! Things can always change so stay tuned to this post!!


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Final Top 100 Players for each Event Period:

Week 1 August 10-18 (~320 participants):

Week 2 August 18-25 (~790 participants):

Free Play Day August 25-26 (~170 participants):