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The Knights Guild: Recruiting



Now Recruiting! Click image above to learn more about us!

The Knight's Guild is open for recruits!
We are a casual Roleplaying guild.
RPvM, RPvP and Text Based RP

Read our Guild Lore pertaining to UO:Outlands HERE

We seek to establish and maintain territories in the Outlands that would aid us in an archaeological quest that aims to reveal the secrets of this realms past that the denizens of the deep dungeons hold. In this quest, we will make it our duty to purify the shrines of the Outlands and free them of corruption. We will need many knights, and allies, to achieve this, but rest assured it will be so.

Join us as we embark on a new quest in a strange land that keeps us striving to survive and reach the level of excellence it takes to be a knight in these dark times and write the next chapter in The Knights Guild! Huzzah!

PM Sir.#1409 on discord to take the Oath of Virtue and join the Knight's today!




1. Read the rest of the rules.
There are no excuses for insubordination! Following orders is what makes us effective.

2. Must wear Full Platemail armor (helm optional).
As our guild uniform, we require every Knight to wear full platemail of any color and it may be adorned with any clothing you can fit overtop of it.
You may wear any headgear that you like, or none at all if so desired. Keep a plate helm handy for ceremonial purposes, however.

3. Remain In-Character at all times on your knight.
This means to simply act, speak and/or emote as if your character is a part of the UO world, and has no knowledge of Earth and real life things.
You may speak "Out of Character" about "real life" in game using party/guild/alliance chat as well as chat programs like discord, skype or ICQ.

4. Your name must be RP appropriate.
Names that are non-identities like "a berserker" or "DieMister" or "haxxor" and the like are not acceptable Roleplay names.
Try to avoid, but it can be acceptable, using iconic medieval/fantasy character names.
Names like "Thalus" or "Mar'Lyrell" or "Everden" are all appropriate examples of names to create. Make something up that has identity.

5. Do not be problematic.
Be mature, respectful and mindful of others in the guild. This is not a place where drama is welcomed. Issues are resolved logically and peacefully.

How to Join:

Step 1: Read/understand the the rules
There are no excuses for insubordination! Following orders is what makes us effective.

Step 2: Get Discord: discordapp.com
A lightweight browser based (or client optional) chat hub for gamers and the main way to get involved with the UO community today. Click here

Step 3: Contact Sir.#1409 on Discord
Add a friend and be sure to remember the period in Sir. as well as the #1409 portion when searching for someone. See you there!

*picks a boogie and flings at Sir*
why you bring them knights here, we don't need a real hero guild, we have the pretenders guild, that good nuff.