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The Red Cross

The Red Cross

We bring aid to the suffering and lost. We roam Avadon spreading hope and love to those in desperate need. Should you find yourself in need, seek salvation and we will appear. We care not for your past transgressions. We know no alliance nor hold any grudge. Old or young, all can hear the word. We care not for your wars or conflict. Whether you a murderer, a criminal, or a pious saint; our love knows no bounds. We wish only to spread the word and help those in need. We are wandering healers. We are saints among sinners. We are The Red Cross.

The Red Cross is a role-playing (RP) guild on UOO and we are recruiting. We welcome those who would like to join as a healer or people who want to make use of our services. We will help players (new and veterans) when they are dead in a dungeon, being griefed by a trolls, bit off more than they can chew with a monster, or generally need help. We have a D I S C O R D channel that serves as our “help line”. If you need help, join the channel and ask! If one of us is around, we will!


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Red Cross Twitch Stream

The Red Cross HQ

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Services Offered:

- Resurrecting you if you are dead (anywhere).

- Resurrecting your pet if it dies.

- Helping you get back to your body.

- Setting you up with a gate to a town or shrine (if needed).

- Giving you regs, band aids, etc. (if needed).

- Helping kill a mob.

- Healing your Boss, TMap, or Dungeon crawl.

We offer these services free of charge (donations are accepted). We have the lowest administrative costs of any charity on UOO! Feel confident that your donation goes right to helping those in need.

Recruitment is OPEN:


Recommended template: something you can heal and resurrect both people and animals. Stealth and hiding is probably also a good idea.


Recommended template: any close combat skill (swords or magery preferably).


Useful if we need to get someone out of a tight spot with nasty mobs.

Also needed: People who need help.

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Feel free to join the channel and see what The Red Cross is about!

Healer Role-Playing Guidelines:
*If you are showing the “HEAL” guild tag, we would ask you to follow these guidelines*​

RED CROSS PRIME DIRECTIVE: Do no harm and help whenever possible.

You are a wandering healer. You are a “saint among sinners”. Your primary role is to heal/cure/resurrect players and pets. You should never directly gain from anyone else’s misfortune. When you find yourself in a situation where a judgement call is needed, remember: do no harm and help whenever possible.

Guild Tag:

Please show the “HEAL” guild tag when healing. It will announce that you are there to help and you are not a threat.


We heal everyone (red, grey, blue). Most reds are happy to see us. Go grey to help if necessary.


Do not loot monsters or players when the "HEAL" guild tag is on. Items on the ground are "ok" if unclaimed. Gifts are accepted if it is clearly a gift. If you are offered a gift, please keep it! You are working hard and deserve it. If you want, feel free to donate it back to the guild. Either way is fine.


When healing a champ, do not attempt to gain Champ score. You are not there to gain a Power Scroll or Relic drop. You are there to help and be selfless.

If a Champ is raided while healing, continue to heal those who are working on the champ.


Red Cross Healers should never buy their own reagents or Band-Aids. The Red Cross Guild House has many resources for you and that is where you should re-supply yourself. Please don’t spend your own money on resources! We have plenty to go around.


We do not take sides in PVP. Try to avoid healing belligerents. Use your judgement in those situations: remember, do no harm.

You will be murdered from time to time. It is important to “turn the other cheek” in those situations and forgive the “sinners”. If you can, make sure to tell the murderers “I forgive your transgressions.”

Most important, we are role playing guild. We are here to have fun! The guild is casual: you can pop in, heal some people, and come back a few days later. You can also take a major role in the guild and heal every day, all the time! Up to you. Playing a healer with the Red Cross should cost you nothing (except your time). We provide reagents, band aids, and whatever else you need. Enjoy yourself! Know you are likely making people’s day with a well-timed heal or resurrection.
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