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The story of a future legendary blacksmith, which will be told for ages after his demise. Meet Forlorn.

I, Forlorn, have born into a very poor family which was living in a village far from a city or a keep. My father and my mother are both farmers in the village. At least they used to be. We were five siblings, you see. First three were boys and last two were girls. I am the third and middle child of my father. When I was eleven or so, our village was raided by some filthy barbarians. Both my brothers and my father caught off-guard but fought bravely. They were able to stand against them while I guide my mother and both my sisters off the village. We went and went for 18 hours straight after we fled our village. At that point I was certain both my brothers and my father had passed away. I must be the man of the house now, I have to be the one to hunt and bring food to my sisters. We camped, I hunted, and we fled the scene. The days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. I was getting better at hunting but apparently I haven't been improving my camping skills. One day I set our camp in a place that I thought was secluded. Left my sisters and my mother at the camp site to go hunting. A couple hours later when I got back, there were nothing but absence of my family. I started panicking and took a look around, found no soul. Later when I came to my senses, I checked the ground to see any struggling traces. I found some. I think they were captured as slaves. I left a note on the last place we have camped and continue my life as a nomad. I carved some weapons out of wood but they were no good. I needed some steel in order to defend myself, in order to get my revenge from those vicious barbarians and faulty slavers. With this thought in my mind, I have traveled from city to city, village to village to find perfect mining environment. I found myself a pickaxe, I found myself a hammer, I found myself an anvil and a forge. I started mining, i started forging. I sweat and cried blood for years hoping I would be the best smith there is. After a couple years, sweats and tears were blood free. And I, had much to learn. But my misery turned into compassion. No matter what every lord or priest says, I only worship Compassion out of The Great Eight Virtues. And I will worship, pray and work hard for my passion. Because that is who I am and who I have to be.

Be aware barbarians and slavers of the Outlands, for Forlorn has come and he is going to arm all the royal forces against you scums.