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EVENT The Trail to the Undermountain


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After the call for aid came from the Prevalian castle, the brave adventurers of Avadon sought out clues and information in regards to the disappearance Queen Xadia (you can read about it here), presumably taken from her chambers.

Before long, the trail of clues led explorers to a fel swamp west of Andaria, where a once-sealed series of passages were discovered unsealed...


Many of the denizens found within the halls and passages proved to be hostile against intruders, though a small number seemed more apathetic towards the surface-dwellers and gave information. This network of ancient tunnels was known to those who inhabit it as the Undermountain.


But the task of the brave adventurers was not sight-seeing, but to gather information and locate the Queen, if they were able. Many who set foot inside never came back out. However, some explorers did discover the grizzly fate the late Captain Justin of the Prevalian Guard.


Further reports stated that several adventurers even discovered a secret maze that led them to a strange room filled with reagents, odd contraptions, and other strange items... Including the Queen's royal head piece! Theories abound as to the nature of this room and what transpired here, but no sign of the Queen herself was yet found.

The search continues for answers even now and it is the hopes of King Iaric IV that the stalwart explorers of the realm do not give up the search.

But be warned...

Should you travel to the Undermountain, you can expect to be set upon by some truly dangerous foes. The Gray Dwarves and their ilk spoke of something called the Gray Exile - an entity that has been mentioned in no recordings or bestiaries anywhere in Avadon before.


Perhaps more prominent was the heavy presence of dark elves who identified themselves as a race called the Drow. They were adept at skulking in the shadows and surprising many adventurers - many succumbed to poison, others to a strange purple flame called faerie fire.


But the threat of these strange and new creatures paled in comparison to an eerie figure who wanders the halls. Even the Drow and Gray Dwarves avoid this entity, known to them and us merely as the nightwalker.


The Drow intimated that this creature existed long before they inhabited these halls, which was long before anyone settled upon the surface of Avadon. They know nothing of this being except that it is severely dangerous and it has been wandering the halls, perhaps searching for something, for countless centuries.

As of right now, it is not known what secrets are to be plumbed from these depths. It has been made clear that a great deal within this place is hidden from sight and perhaps known only to the Drow.

But the search must continue. The Queen must be found!


The Undermountain is a new area for all adventurers to explore. The difficulty of the monsters within make this area not the best for new players or characters.

Brand new treasures and rares await within, as do traps, surprises, and of course, new monsters.

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Very nice addition! The nightwalker is a very cool feature and scares the hell out of you by just appearing at the edge of the screen.
It's also a very cool looking dungeon that gives you those classic eerie horror vibes that come to my mind when I think of video game dungeons.


Some of us have made some progress - there is a secret level, a secret path, and a secret room - the books are the clues, and ultimately I don't think anyone has gotten beyond there yet, we are all trying to save the queen!
exactly....i was wondering if it was possible to trigger something in that room or it was just deco
I really love how the new content is introduced along with a great background story. The lore gives meaning to everything and help immerse players in the game. Great job ErikGray!