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The Way of the Wizard

The Way of the Wizard

The lands of Avadon are fraught with peril, and filled with many diverse cultures of monsters and men. The traditions of men have changed since Sosaria was broken and became Avadon. Indeed, the wizards that came before us were once a great society of eminent and accomplished practitioners of the magical arts who governed the lands before the shattering. While our map is now nearly unrecognizable to those familiar with the old world, at least some of the old ways and traditions of our ancestors remain. For example, the traditional ways of the wizard have been passed down through the generations, and even today there are many mages who continue to follow the ethic and spirit of our ancestors in the practice of magic. Those of us who follow the Way of the Wizard continue to be devoted to responsible and disciplined practice of the magical arts for the purpose of exploration, adventure, and enhancement of our expertise in wizardry.

While our numbers are small, we welcome all those into the fold who follow these simple guidelines:

1. Wear a blue wizard hat at all times (any shade or tint will do). The purpose of this is to help remind us of our own high ethical standards and training goals as wizards. Also, wearing the hat helps us to improve our ability to support one another on our paths to mastering the magical arts. Each of our paths is unique, but our commitment and our values are shared.

2. Protect yourself and your friends. Monsters that assault you or other truly innocent beings will receive no quarter. We must protect our fellows, and ourselves, whenever possible. If this requires us to put down a threat through violence, it is your duty to do so quickly, without hesitation.

3. Magical spells are your primary form of combat. Melee combat is only practiced out of necessity, which means no weapons of war, under any circumstances.

4. If you see a fellow wizard with a blue hat, offer to make them a spell scroll. A rising tide lifts all boats. We must support one another on this path, and cultivate a culture of generosity and abundance. If you are able to provide another aspiring mage with a spell for their spellbook, then you have given them something they will carry with them for all their days in Avadon! This is a deep gift.

Following the way of the wizard is not a formal promise or vow. Taking up the blue hat is a demonstration of our commitment to our own training in the magical arts, to investigating these new lands, and to the traditions of our ancestors.

A manual is now available, authored by Zxkuqyb of Wind (Read more about this individual here).

The manual can be found here:
A manual for the Way of the Wizard
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Avalon Alduin was busy in his Andarian Mage Tower, studying his spellbook - he noticed Vanora his librarian kept looking his way, but he ignored her. The spellbook was his heart and soul, the edges were tattered, worn, the pages frayed, the magical properties that kept it in tact were wearing... much like himself.. but it was a part of him as much as his arm or his mind. It was comfort.... memories... of a time when mages across Avadon had helped one another, and that of others. As many scrolls in this book had come from others, as he'd found on his own.

His blue wizard hat had once meant something.. Something he needed to rectify..

Determination set in..