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Tome within a Tome


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I grab various tomes and scrolls from the small library in the dark tower. Settling into a room by myself I begin to pull out the first tome. My thirst for knowledge of the void has taken a madding grip on my mind. As I sit here flipping through page after page, I’m reminded of an ink-stained scholar. Andoral the Wise, a smile creeps across my face, a hearty man who always found the best of any situation. I wonder if he possesses the knowledge I seek.

Dismissing the thought from my mind I return to the text. This one does not have what I’m looking for either. I return the tome to my pack and take out another. I spend hours swapping between tomes and scrolls, trying to figure out more about this order I’ve found myself a part of. Why does it have this hold over me and why am I so embracing of it?

More time passes and I stumble upon, what appears to be, a tome, within a tome. The words are hard to follow but more I concentrate on the words the clearer they become. It seems to be a series of spells along with a detailed accounts of the magics that bind the undead to this world. Those that linger in the world are true undead, vampires, liches, bone dragons and the like. This text, however, talks about using false life.

By using false life, a user can imitate the magic that binds the undead, bringing them back to life temporarily. However, the magic of false life takes a great toll on the body and causes it to decay to a point of no longer being usable. This is necromancy! I find myself being drawn deeper into the words, everything beings to make sense. With this I could bind a fallen dragon to my will, so long as he is still bound to this world.

I put a bit of cloth to mark the page of the tome and return it to my pack and return to the library. I return all but the tome containing the necromantic texts and begin to search for something else. Ha! The accounts of Lady Writhe! I return to the room and begin my search through the scrolls. Ah, here she speaks of her encounter with Alzranth, who had been terrorizing the cave of Nusero.

“On this night, I traveled to meet Alzranth to offer him the glory of working in my service. The fool not only refused me but, in his arrogance, attacked me. I was forced to put the prideful dragon down, shame he had much potential. Although lately I've been hearing rumors of a fleshless dragon roaming the halls of Ossuary bellowing my name.”
So much time has passed but perhaps he still roams the halls. I quickly stash my things and head off to Ossuary.

I roam the halls of Ossuary, encountering several bone dragons, but none prove to be my quarry. I begin to fear that perhaps the dragon I seek had met his end to some random adventurer, after all the Knights do patrol here. Then I see him, lurking through the shadows, perhaps it is I who was the quarry. I being drawing the power of false life, slowly chanting the words, clear and precise. I can see the magic wrap itself around the prideful dragon, binding his will to mine. Feeling the chains of my magic wrapping themselves around him Alzranth launches himself at me. I push down the urge to stop and prepare my defense, I keep chanting. As the bone dragon closes the gap between us he rears up to lash down on me, but as he is about to drop his claw on me, I finish the last of the chant.

Alzrath lowers himself before me and looks into my eyes. "Alzranth the terror of Nusero, my purpose is now your purpose. Together we will do many great things for the Void. Etheng"

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