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Top tameables

It really depends on your playstyle and your taming skill.

(GM taming/lore)
4 Aegis Imps + Aegis Scorp
Skeletal Dragon + Reef Serpent
5 snowdrifts

(110 taming/lore)
Bonefire Wisp + Blood Drake
Dusk Dragon + Dusk Drake

(115 taming/lore)
Eldritch Dragon + Eldritch Drake

(120 taming/lore)
volt wisp + bloodworm combo
Phoenix + whatever you want

theres too many good combos.
Check here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...ASu6Wqw84gvkpv_oZtOLtaYns/edit#gid=1705195833
I ran into a guy with the Skeletal Drago Reef serpant combo and fencing..He was using water aspect and it seemed pretty good? I have a 120 command tamer I use for bosses which seems great..