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Tracking Hidden vs Stealth and more...


I will start off by saying how fun this server is, and how most if not all skills pertain to some form of synergy with other skills. This is amazing and should have been in UO from day 1!! great changes!!
I'm still fairly new, so I'm not 100% sure on how these changes (of mine) would make more imbalanced mechanics/skills when regarding PvP so correct me if I'm off or wrong.

1.) I would like to see players in my group when they are stealth or hidden.
*Reasons*.) I hate when I walk through my teammate and I un-stealth. I hate blocking in my party when I'm hidden or stealth due to not being able to see me when partied. or vice versa.
I can still deal with not being able to see my group mates when they are hidden but this would be less frustrating.

*Things to keep in mind*.) this would indeed allow easier ambushes in the PvP world making unfair gameplay for those who are red or grey or even if you are blue. I get it, this would be frustrating just thinking about it BUT People have discord anyways, and - when regarding what's already in place to imbalanced gameplay: I think **Tracking** is a bit over the top in PvP. Not when pertaining to damage bonuses or spotting a red or blue if you're red 40-60 tiles away (maybe more - maybe less) But.... Tracking also spots hidden players as well as players that are stealth: With reveal having a decent aoe and people customizing their game to see footprints in neon colors, it makes for unfair advantages for stealthed players already. Which means if you ARE indeed stealth and move around - you have to stop at 6 steps left or neon colored footprints will reveal you on top of tracking already boosting those odds of being spotted. With that being said, you have to wait 10 seconds after using hide just to move in stealth, in which case you're chances of being revealed just jumped up 10 fold.

Which leads me here:
2.) Remove being able to track players in PvP: This feels like ESP hacking when you have tracking maxed, not even 120 either, and enables meta builds (the one build to rule them all)((for PvP))
Sure, I know of a lot of people who swear up and down that their main PvP toon don't have tracking.. But the people I've talked to throughout the forums and in-game tell me it's an absolute for PvP more-so then not... and I can see why. This already screams imbalanced gameplay, specially for new-comers. --- OR at least disable the ability to find players that are currently hidden or stealth that have under 80 skill in hiding and 80 in stealth. Perhaps making any toon with at least 80 in hide and stealth not capable of being tracked. Hell even 90 would work.


3.) Change the Stealth skill use timer to 5 seconds after Hiding to move in stealth. Some people want an instant enable from hide to stealth, which to me would be too OP, so maybe 8 seconds max or something in those regards. 5 seconds would be cool but I feel like even 5 seconds is a little too soon... maybe.. When regarding what I said about being revealed though: 5 seconds don't sound bad if you're being tracked every 5 seconds... You only have 15 steps to use total, and once you're at 5 steps left, you are leaving a trail behind.. and that footprint trail can be altered to be neon colors, which means you only have 9 steps to take every 10 seconds. Sorry but 9 steps means your chances of being revealed is greatly multiplied.

***Meeting in the middle for Tracking***: Maybe as soon as you leave your first footprint, you're capable of being tracked at your last footprint's location. So if I were to stealth and just take 9 steps every 10 seconds, you would be safe from being tracked.

***Meeting in the middle for Seeing Stealth/hidden party members***: Maybe once you're close to a party member((within 10 tiles)); you would both have to wait 5 seconds before becoming visible and you must remain idle for that timer? I say a timer for 5 seconds because we already have discord to help locate where your group is through voice. so it's not too hard to tell and already creates this imbalance that was previously mentioned. The imbalance is already here so group ambushes wouldn't be something to abuse due to it already being abused now. in those 5 seconds of being idle, is about the same time it takes to say in voice: "Hey I'm right here by this......Let's ambush someone". I get it but at the same time, it's already a thing and with backstab not working for PvP, it's not too much of an advantage at all in comparison to what's already happening.

**Guild/party reformation**
This one is off topic kind of but I would like to see this implemented: Let's say you're in a guild and want to invite a guild-mate, Having an option through your guild tab on your paper doll to select people in your guild to invite to your party, quick, easier, and convenient for all!

I'm sure most of what I typed is arguable. This is why I asked here. Add your 2cents and let's make this server even more balanced :)
I agree with the stealth timing. It feels strange having to wait so long after hiding in order to stealth. I can understand that being able to do it immediately is a bit much, but there are so many tools to counter hiding + stealth it feels like even 5 seconds would be nice. Or at the very least being able to restealth automatically when you run out of steps. Feels like I have to Hide > Wait 10 seconds > Stealth > out of steps...wait > restealth.