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Added some cooler treasure map icons:

- They do not automatically replace the previous markers.
- To use them, replace LEVEL1.png with LEVEL1_REMOVETHISTEXT.png, etc, by removing the "_REMOVETHISTEXT" portion of the name.
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The Outlands maps have been updated to the current launch version. The following files are the map files that are updated:
- Maps/Felucca.png
Maps/ lowres/Felucca.jpg

The changes to the map (warning, large image):

If you see the above error message, then you have selected an invalid resource directory. Download and extract the files from the Git repo, then select the top-level directory of those files as the resource directory.

Since so many people are having trouble with this, I'll make it even easier with the next release.

Mapper will now prompt you to reselect your resource path if it's invalid under more circumstances.
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I still can't get it to center or show where my character is located in the world. But, just have a map with all the spawns etc is a huge help.

I've tried to hit "next character", run it as admin and even re-install it wit no luck.
Im not sure i understand how to use this. I got the outlands map to work, but are we supposed to download something on top of it so it shows more POIs? I only seem to be able to put temporary markers on the map. Also, the town im in seem to have all the NPCs mapped already but they dont show up on the map (blacksmith, jeweler, etc). I see this when i try to edit a temp marker i made.
Go to the Markers menu and click "Select". To the far left of that list are checkboxes for each Marker type available, or you can Select All.
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Is there a way to move the camera around so that it doesnt center back to your char when you let go of the left mouse button? Besides the arrow keys
Anyway not sure how to fix ultima mapper crashing. Just lots of years old threads about the issue and i've reinstalled 500 times. No error message just a straight crash on flash loading screen.
You need to have access to an Ultima Mapper server. I host 50-user Mapper servers for free. Check the pinned messages in the #ultima-mapper Discord channel for more info.