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WTS Ultimate private island for sale


Well boys and girls, it's time to put the ultimate private island up for sale.

I scouted this spot in beta and picked it out as the best island of the lot.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Included are obviously both the main house, and the boat house. The house style is the 'Cambrian Farmstead' (with 3 secure upgrades purchased) and the boat is the 'Small Wooden House Boat (East)' At the end of the post I have included a list of all the other large houses that fit here. I have tested the placement of them all on the test server.








The auction will run for one month, ending on the 9th of November, assuming the buyout is not met.

I will accept other housing or items in p/x.
Bids start at: 35 million
Buyout: 50 million

Any questions find me in discord!
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CLX! This is incredible. Both the prospect and the price is sexy as hell... Not to put my nose in your business but on what are you going to spend this kind of money?
Hookers and Shade... Rumors have it, he's been opening up accounts across Avadon at all the local brothels, talking about how he's going to be coming into vast riches, and they need to treat him.. Right...