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VIDEO: Installing ClassicUO Developer Preview with Powershell

Here's a quick video showing how to install ClassicUO Dev Preview with the powershell method. A couple of notes:
1. To get "Open Powershell window here" in the context menu you need to SHIFT + Right Click
2. The black screens you see a couple times is Windows UAC popup asking me to allow things to run as Admin.
3. The folder can be anywhere, but I find most users like the ease of having it on the desktop.
4. To update at any time to the newest Dev Preview, open Powershell like shown in the video and press the ⬆ (up arrow). Hit enter and it will update while saving your settings.

Here is the command to run in Powershell
Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(
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