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We are recruiting.

We are now recruiting, to help secure bosses. We have three main admins, one for PvP, one for PvM, and the last admin, is the GM. We have players from Singapour to Slovenia to USA. You will never be alone, if you so decide to join this guild. We have two primary objectives. Secure bosses, and defeating every guild while doing it. Most of all at this point, we are looking for a few well seasoned PvPers, in Europe/America, who are comfortable with the 2, 1, drop and healing. Not to mention, we do bosses a lot, so your life will be opened to loot galore. All loot is rolled on inside the guild, so even if u dont loot anything, u have the same odds to win, as anyone else. All of the admins are quite rich, and see no value is being dishonest, or stealing. We are looking for all memebers, but especially, again, a few seasoned european or american players to fill specific time slots. If you have any questions, please message me.