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what are Animal Taming Skill Scrolls selling for rn?

50k each is 1million gold for 120 skill. 60k each is 1.2million gold.

Keep in mind tamers also need animal lore scrolls to keep up with taming. Those go for 25k. That's another 500k.

So at 50k taming & 25k lore-- it takes 1.5million gold to use 120 pets. 1.7mil if taming scrolls are bought at 60k.

I'm sure some people may buy one/some for 55-60k out of desperation-- but imo it's a bad price for the buyer and sets a bad precedent.

There is no reason for a tamer to offer more than 50k each. If you do, you're paying too much.
To be more blunt-- taming scrolls are essentially WORTHLESS unless you have 5 taming and 5 lore scrolls.

So at 50k and 25k it's still 375k to use a new pet.

Pretty steep to begin with... No reason for a tamer to pay more.
@Madcap supply and demand drives pricing. Taming scrolls are a high demand item and there is normally a low supply = price goes up. They selling for 65-70k now. Animal lore 35-40k. Epic skill scrolls up to 110-120 also.
wow those are pricey. i just want 120 music and provo maybe i can fund it if i find a tamer scroll. seems good though for balance since one tamer is stronger than my 5 characters combined lol