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Whats the best build to make a tamer

So I got my tamer started has
100 music
100 lore
70 taming
80 peace
70 provoke
50 vet or something
50 magery

So my question is I am going into the first dungeons that are not for newbies and dying to swarm of monsters. What build should I be using while I lvl up my taming?
I think this is a good noob tamer spec to shoot for. It's mostly melee which is a lot cheaper:

100 Taming
100 Animal Lore
100 Herding (25% more pet damage)
80 Veterinary (heal and rez pets)
100 Macing (sunder armor procs)
80 Tactics
80 Arms Lore (disarm which is another 25% dmg for your pets and youself
60 Mage (small heals for yourself that you can do while you heal pets with vet, can also be used to heal pets in a pinch (pets should take most damage), and recall)

I'd go with 100 St, 80 Dex, 45 int.

Go to Darkmire and tame 5 Mucks (green slimes right at the start of level 1). Train one with full HP and Armor every level. The rest Dmg and Dex every level. Use the Armor/HP one to tank by re-naming him and making a macro for him to kill and him to guard you. Use all kill after he gets agro. You can farm with those pretty well in lower tiers of dungeons.
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If you want to stick with the peacemaking build

100 Taming
100 Animal Lore
80 Vet
100 Music
100 Peace
100 Mace
80 Tactics
40 Healing

No need for provoke at all. I wouldn't really recommend this though because it will kill very slow and you really don't need peace when taming. Just get a Scarab Beetle and macro Vet on him while he tanks and you macro taming on the mob.