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Wrapping Up the Holidays - The Gronch - Saturday, January 5th at 6:30pm EST


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Written by @Calak

Avadonian folklore tells of an abominable green behemoth who desired all of the shiny things in the world. This creature was called The Gronch. Every year, without fail, The Gronch would surface when snow heavily blanketed the land. He and his miscreant minions would assault unsuspecting adventurers, in an attempt to take their shiniest objects.

This spelled disaster for many people of the land, for they celebrated the coming of Winter Solstice by hanging shiny baubles on evergreen trees. Jealous of these trees and their shinies, The Gronch corrupted the evergreen trees, turning them into Nevergreen trees, breathing foul life into them, causing them to warp and take on the will of their new master.

Thus The Gronch terrorized the people each year... but no more! My name is Calryn, former Captain of the Prevalian Royal Guard. I am seeking the aid of all able bodied Adventurers to heed my words!

The Prevalian Council for the Preservation and Also Advancement of Holiday Cheer and Non-Descript Generalized Festiveness (P.C.P.A.A.H.C.N.D.G.F) have requested the expertise of the Prevalian Royal Guard due to a certain mishap involving a shipment of holiday ornaments having gone missing earlier this month. We have a strong suspicion that it was The Gronch who orchestrated this travesty. After many weeks of painstaking tracking, we have discovered its lair. We must put an end to him, once and for all! Now that the holiday has ended, The Gronch will be tired and vulnerable to attack. We must strike while the iron is hot!

All of those who choose to join us in this venture, we will meet in the Town Center of Prevalia on:

Saturday, January 5th at 6:30pm EST
(event begins after the
Developer Debrief)

This will be a dangerous outing. Come prepared for battle!


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Outlands staff work hard to produce entertaining events, which we consider "Staff Sanctioned." As such, to maintain order during these events, the staff reserves the right to squelch or jail players. If you plan on attending these events, you must abide by these rules:
  • Players who grief and/or interfere with staff sanctioned events will be jailed for the duration of the event
  • There will be no Player Killing/raiding during the event
  • Please leave the Red at home and bring a Blue for the event
  • Stealing from players partaking in the event is not allowed
  • Purposeful disruption of an immersive gameplay experience is not allowed
Thank you for your cooperation!
Good times. My two cents: you should probably do trammel (although it was thrill escaping that maze of a place with my loot), and make the event easier at the start, and longer, that way things can build up more and players can digest the experience a bit more. There were so many players everywhere. I think that was busier than 1997 UO.
A classic event in my opinion with the huge cluster of people, short & sweet, was nice to see so many people. For the record the Gronch has now been turned into dullhide armor sets & will be sold @ the Outpost moongate leather vendor (he dropped 630 pieces). Get your Gronchhide suit today!


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This is the Gronch. Described as an abominable green behemoth who enjoyed collecting shiny objects, clobbering things and lived in a "tiny cave."

What was in the loot? Was bit late for me to attend
There was loot from the monsters that were accompanying the Gronch, plus whatever he had on his corpse. If you are referring to an "event participation reward," then it was an Ankh Token and "a sealed Gronchbox" which if you couldn't tell by the name... is sealed. I knew it was going to happen but still found it amusing when I was receiving tons of PMs and pages asking how to open the box.


Calryn also found a peculiar map showing the entrance to Cavernam on the corpse of the Gronch, which is on display at the Prevalian Merchant's wagon. I'm sure he's already planning an Expedition of some sort with Calryn and the Iron Assault.