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WTB Moderate size house / regs to start up

I am looking to start up playing and need to grind up pvp chars.....

I would like a safe place to do so and thus am looking to buy a house/reags/bandies anything i'd need to grind the basics

I am going to buy DONO coins to pay for this. I'm not looking for anything absurd. No keeps or HUGE plots that are in the millions but I would like a decent sized home for 25-50 dono coins. Please list any potential offerings as I am unfamiliar with the shard, I will have to vet out offers for fair market value.

Thanks and appreciate any offers made.

Potentially a new pvper
I don't have an offer for you, but just to put dono into perspective right now - they are running about 5k ea, so your looking at 125k-250k gold off of just 25-50 coins. I'm not sure what you consider moderate, but the smallest houses 8x8 are 50k, 9x9's are 150k, and for 250k your looking at 10x9, 10x11, 9x10 etc...

Welcome to the shard, I hope you find what you are looking for!
Thanks for that as I just joined and legit did not have a clue about housing market pricing. Money isnt much of an issue for my situation. So I'd be willing to give up more dono coins if needed.

What would you suggest that I can get my hands on easily but is worth a lotta gold or is highly sought after in trade ? As I'd like to get housing in the 12x12 or more size asap.