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WTS WTS Safe Vendor Spots right outside Prevalia!!! 4k per week!!! Take a look... 26 slots available...

New Vendor House right outside Prevalia in a protected cove!

Most vendors are placed on small plots right outside of town, but you stand on public grounds where anyone can be hiding or ready to pk you with no real safety unless you can run to the guard line. I am looking to change that and make it safe for everyone involved as if you walked into the most secure bank vault and armored guards to keep the bad guys out.

All vendor owners will be friended to the house as to prevent them from being "messed with" when they need to stock their vendors and eliminate any pk activity.

All pks found inside will be banned regardless of who they are, including thieves. This is a safe environment and will remain so for those looking to buy and sell goods.

I am not a pk and I protect my house 24/7.

Vendors are setup in a enclosed room with doors on each end, showing if someone is stealthing around or not.

Friends of the house who own a vendor spot only, you will have a 100% protected recall in location, enclosed from others looking to steal or pk you, and able to ban who they like if they feel the need to do so.

If a vendor owner who will be friended finds someone being suspicious, they can use "remove thyself" and go about their business, or temporarily ban them if they continue after fair warning to keep themselves safe. These temporary bans must be removed once the vendor owner is done stocking their goods! Only pks and thieves will not be allowed in the house, ever.

Friends of the house can use detect hidden as if it was GM skill level and reveal anyone inside at all times. This is the perfect setup for a safe vendor and prime location just outside of Prevalia.

If you don't want your vendor in the safe room upstairs, I will allow you to place it anywhere on the property at a first come first serve basis.

The vendors are located on the second floor or the third floor behind closed doors. This is close quarters and very secure.

26 vendor spots are allowed on this property. Vendor spots are 4k per week. This price will not go up for those who are grandfathered in at that rate, but prices will fluctuate as the server grows in population and wealth.

Space is limited, so let me know if you're interested... thank you!



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