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Yew Militia Chronicles


There are legends of the old world that still float about these days. Vague stories of distant kings and Knights of Virtue. One of those legends is our very own history that was passed down by word of mouth through the ages. The city of Yew was a city where Justice was meted out through a Court of law. And the people of Yew banded together to create a militia of their own blood and iron. The Yew Militia defended Justice and our home. At the time of the great cataclysm; when the world was changing drastically, Kachina Masika was the Captain. She managed to lead the people to safety.

10 AC
The survivors of Yew live as nomads for many years. Lieutenant Julius Stern begins to attempt to plant saplings of the old Yew Trees that he had salvaged. He also keeps seeds of the old grapes from the Yew abbey.

15 AC
Kachina starts the building of Tree houses for her people to live in. After their completion she names Julius Stern as the next Captain of the Militia.

Julius Stern begins to attempt to grow the abbey grapes. He eventually marries and has a son, who he teaches to tend the vineyard. The Stern family becomes the caretakers of the Yewian Vinyard.

120 AC
Stern Brewery begins work on brewing Wine.

140 AC
Brannos Ironfist is the current captain of the Militia. He swears Fealty to the King of Andaria. With the promise that his daughter will marry the prince.

176 AC
A portion of the Yewians along with other andarians volunteer to explore the frozen north. Some of them settle and give rise to the Nordkeep and clans.

180 AC
Those who remained in Andaria serve in the militia as hired swords for Andaria

200 AC
The Militia makes the village of Ardun its home base.

250 AC
Arthur Greywind leads the Militia against the Prevalian threat, and loses his life. Leaving an unseasoned young Lieutenant Ap’Lioc to take up the baton.

287 AC
Despite a valiant effort, The Andarians and the Yew Militia are defeated and their home of Ardun is destroyed. The Andarians kneel to the Prevalian empire. However the Militia remains rebellious for several more years. Often ambushing prevalian troops and causing mayhem.

300-320 AC
With the emperors equal citizenship the Yewians begin to attempt to rebuild their home.

323 AC
Vortimis Gronma being one of the few arcanists of the Militia aides with the establishment of the Lyceum

330-425 AC
The Militia is fragmented and barely hanging onto their roots. The Stern Brewery is re-built. Gerard Ap’Lioc -The previous captain's son- Volunteers to assist with building the shrines, and starts to promote the Path of Virtues among the Militia. It is received with some apathy.

441- 445 AC
The Militia despite its small size is outraged with the current leadership of the empire. Whispers of rebellion begin to spread.

448-490 AC
Mathius Coldiron; a Corporal in the militia, falls in love with the fourth wife of Emperor Canack. It was rumored that he was responsible for pushing the emperor over the ramparts. Though no proof exists. However she was almost immediately sent away and imprisoned, suspected of being guilty of her husband's untimely death. Coldiron went on to become the next Lieutenant.

495-553 AC
The current captain of the militia Zeke Greywind Makes the decision not to swear fealty to Andaria. And instead focuses the Yew Militias attention on fighting Orcs that have begun to rise again. Fighting the Orcs becomes the Militia's main concern. In 553 AC the lead Arcanist Rayne Aelmeh loses her life in defense of the Lycaeum against the red hand orc clan.

568 AC
The Stern Brewery is destroyed in a fire started by rogue orcs.

570-618 AC
After taking a few severe losses against the orcs, the Militia agrees to fight alongside the Dark banner with Queen Klara of Andaria and Lord Landau. However after the death of Queen Klara and the disappearance of Lord Landau; the Militia fell away from Andaria. Having no respect for the mage Marius. They return to their grudge against the orcs, fighting them and defending the small amount of land they call home.

619 AC
The Militia is attacked by Vikings intent on apparently taking or destroying a yew tree. They clash, and a few of the vikings are felled by the Drill Sergeant Sinkin of the Militia. However the fighting is called to a stop by the “Sea witch” who makes the claim that the descendants of Jarl Wolfbiter and the Yew Militia must join forces. The focus of the suggested unity being the Yew Trees. The Sea Witch explains that the northmen believe the Yew trees to be branches of the World tree that our world rests within. There are only a few of said trees, and some of them are in positions that cause them to be sickly and wither. The Sea Witch suggests that rather than cutting down the tree, the northmen and the Militia should join as one and bring more of the trees to the world. Although both sides are hesitant at first, Veis Driance the Militia captain at the time agrees to fight alongside the vikings. They pack their caravans and relocate to the frozen north.

622 AC
Kenny Nelson is appointed captain, and promptly leads the newly swelled numbers of the militia into a golden age of sorts. Allowing the Sea Witch to lead occasional Purification rituals for some of the trees located near sources of evil. He is also the first Captain to openly allow Arcanists, or mages in the Militia since the year 553.

627 AC
Captain Nelson appoints Lysander Stern as his second. Riverrun is established and continually growing.

It is my hope that with the bits of information about our ancestors I have gathered; we can grow stronger and wiser. Reviving interest in the Path of Virtues is the best way to achieve order in the world again.