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Yew Militia, ENLISTMENT!

Huah everyone, we are the Yew Militia, a good time RP/PvP/PvM/Crafting guild that has been on many a shard over the years and still going strong. We do it all and are currently looking for fresh enlistees to swell the numbers and make an impact on this shard. Currently established in North Prevalia, we are expanding by the day. Send over a PM and we will get you setup and ready to battle some Orcish hordes or Dungeon Crawl Bosses!!!
Hail one and Hail all! Sergeant Kenny Nelson was back in action this fine sunny day. He was appointed orders directly from the Major himself to setup and deliver a message to the good people of these lands. It was time to bring in some fresh meat shields... err, Soldiers rather. He set off on his journey placing the fine Yewian banner alongside our conscription documents. If you find yourself wandering these lands alone, there is nay a need for this. The Yew Militia will outfit and train you up so you too can participate in the cleansing of these foul hordes. Send a pigeon to the Sergeant and sharpen your blade, wax your bow, or brush off your spellbook. We have work to do and glory awaits! "PM me now if you're interested in having a little chitty chitty chat chit on joining. Great group of players, men and women, whom have been playing together for Days up to Years together. PvP/PvM/RP we do it all".

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