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  1. A_Asteroid

    An "honest" lockpicker's guide to Cavernam

    As you cautiously make your way through the undersea tunnel that connects Outpost island to the mainland, you see the freshly slain body of a woman. Inspecting the corpse, you notice that her skin is deathly pale. Further investigation reveals two marks on her neck and the name "Sherry" stitched...
  2. B

    Paragon Chest Opening Service. For free of course.

    I will open all lesser, regular and greater paragon chests for free! Simply PM me over discord and we can meet up. My discord name is bartimus and my in game name is Abe Simpson I have been doing this for a week or so, with many happy clients thus far. I was a bit slow and failed to create a...
  3. S

    Free Paragon Chest Opening Service

    This service is never free if I have to come to your house or some other weird place in the middle of nowhere. I open lesser paragons, paragons and greater paragon chests for free, tips are welcome af. The only thing I ask in return is that you confirm that I've got TEGRIDY in this thread. I'm...