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Free Paragon Chest Opening Service

This service is never free if I have to come to your house or some other weird place in the middle of nowhere.

I open lesser paragons, paragons and greater paragon chests for free, tips are welcome af. The only thing I ask in return is that you confirm that I've got TEGRIDY in this thread.

I'm knuws in Discord.


Q: Why do you do this for free?
A: I just don't give a damn.

Q: What is TEGRIDY?
A: It's what you don't have if you "forget" to say something nice about me in this here thread.

Q: What if you're at work and I need a chest opened real darn bad?
A: Talk to bartimus in Discord and check out his thread here. He's a cool cat and has proven himself to be trustworthy.

Q: What if I can't get ahold of either one of you guys?
A: I guess you'll have to go with valor80, sorry. His thread is here.
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One extremely happy customer here!

He opened three chests for me, definitely gave me all the loot (there was some pretty okay stuff to take) AND ID'd the items inside just out of kindness.
I can definitely vouch for Swunk here. Just opened 3 lesser paragon chests for me and handed them back with a provo skill scroll in them. He's as good as his word. :)
Swunk, opened up a purple paragon chest for me, very legit. Gave me back the chest with all items in. Including ss, skill ball , etc . .

Defiantly can trust this man to help you out
Guy is legit, Safe spot, opened the chests and handed them back with all contents intact, (had a taming scroll and orb among the loot in each chests) Already have him on speed dial for next set of chests to unlock for me.