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An "honest" lockpicker's guide to Cavernam

As you cautiously make your way through the undersea tunnel that connects Outpost island to the mainland, you see the freshly slain body of a woman. Inspecting the corpse, you notice that her skin is deathly pale. Further investigation reveals two marks on her neck and the name "Sherry" stitched in to the collar of her cloak. You quickly search her backpack for anything useful.

You find a handful of lockpicks and some loose, bloodstained pages. One note reads:

This place is cold. Unnaturally cold. Must bring warmer clothes next time. Locals in Outpost tell stories of vampires nearby but that can't possibly be true, can it?

The other pages are hand-drawn maps that appear legible, despite the blood spatter.

cavernam - level 1.png

cavernam - level 2.png

cavernam - level 3.png

You stuff the pages in your backpack and walk nervously back to Outpost.
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