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  1. Vem

    One Day Macer Guide

    In this guide I will teach you how to power game train a macer. The goal is to spend as little time getting the most out of a brand new character. This guide can be useful for new or veteran players. The only major expense with this guide will be bandages later on in the guide. However even...
  2. Illusion

    Daily Automated PVM Event

    Hello, just wanted to get something formal out here as we were discussing in discord and it turned into a firestorm. The theory was to create a PVM event that was free of griefing. Something similar to 'monster bash' / a progressively harder dungeon where everyone worked together who joined the...
  3. BalrogFrog

    Add Mimics for more depth to Treasure Hunter experiences!

    Mimics have been a part of Ultima Lore since some of the very first games. They're a classic fantasy monster and I would love to see them in Outlands, where I've seen so many amazing staff created monsters already. How they would work: % chance to spawn randomly as any recently reset dungeon...
  4. Sir.

    The Knight's Guild: Expedition Outlands (Chapter 4 Added 2/27/19)

    Chapter 1 -- THE KNIGHT'S GUILD: HOW WE CAME TO THE OUTLANDS As it were, the Knight's Guild, a native order from the lands of Forever, had found themselves on yet another quest in a realm distant in both time and space known as, "The Outlands"... This is the story of how the new saga in the...