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An "honest" lockpicker's guide to Aegis Keep

Glancing at one of the many piles of cargo stacked upon the dock of Horseshoe Bay, you see a woman materialize out of pure shadow as she stubs her toe on a stack of logs. She curses and looks around suspiciously. She doesn't notice you, and quickly vanishes back into shadow. A few moments later, you see footprints leading away towards the heart of the city.

Confident that she has gone, you take a look behind the stacked boxes and see a worn-out notebook on the ground. You quickly pick it up.

Notes on Aegis Keep
Sherry "the Rat"

Lotta treasure to be found here, I wager! An old keep full of winding passageways. Easy to get lost - the place is crawling with agents of chaos. That's probably an improvement over the original inhabitants, who must've been disgustingly wealthy. Eh well, it seems they got theirs in the end - there's blood everywhere!

The remainder of the notebook is filled with crudely drawn maps.

aegis keep - level 1.png

aegis keep - level 2.png

There are more maps but you have other matters to attend to. Stashing the notebook safely in your personal bank box, you make a promise to read more when you have the time.


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