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  1. bborwoeorks

    Achievements guide

    Are there any achievement guides out there that show how to earn points efficiently?
  2. A_Asteroid

    An "honest" lockpicker's guide to Cavernam

    As you cautiously make your way through the undersea tunnel that connects Outpost island to the mainland, you see the freshly slain body of a woman. Inspecting the corpse, you notice that her skin is deathly pale. Further investigation reveals two marks on her neck and the name "Sherry" stitched...
  3. A_Asteroid

    An "honest" lockpicker's guide to Aegis Keep

    Glancing at one of the many piles of cargo stacked upon the dock of Horseshoe Bay, you see a woman materialize out of pure shadow as she stubs her toe on a stack of logs. She curses and looks around suspiciously. She doesn't notice you, and quickly vanishes back into shadow. A few moments later...
  4. Vem

    15 Minute Buff Bot Guide

    Update July 6, 2020 This template is DEAD Barding, Taste ID & Camping were NERFED... ______________ In this guide I'll tell you how to train an alt on one of your other accounts to give your main 15 minute buffs Gold cost: 5000 / Difficulty: Easy / Training Time: 3-4 days == Why You Should...
  5. Vem

    Another Taming Guide

    I recently did taming in Febuary 2020 and I want to share what worked for me. I did 50-70 in a day and 5.0 gain every day after. It casually took me 1 week to hit 100 taming. *This guide is still a work in progress that I plan to complete. Version: 0.3 TL-DR 50 -> 60.0 Colossal Frog (New...
  6. Vem

    One Day Macer Guide

    In this guide I will teach you how to power game train a macer. The goal is to spend as little time getting the most out of a brand new character. This guide can be useful for new or veteran players. The only major expense with this guide will be bandages later on in the guide. However even...
  7. Sir.

    Sir.'s Guide to Making a New RP Guild Successful

    WARNING: WALL OF USEFUL TEXT... TL;DR AT BOTTOM. Introduction: Huzzah! Hail and well met, m'friends! While chatting in discord with some other RPers the'utha'deeeeey, a discussion came up on the nature of RPers as a whole; it seems we're rather flighty in terms of guild/player longevity (how...
  8. DkH.ZeRa

    Delete please =)

    Delete please =)
  9. Khal Drogo

    Taming Guide to 120 Animal Taming - by Khal Draco *Updated April 8th 2020*

    *** IMPORTANT *** Last Update: April 8th - Rune Library moved to larger location for future expansion! Same area, 3-screens south of the old rune library. DM me if you need a marked rune. **** I can't stress enough the importance of understanding "animal taming basics" prior to beginning your...
  10. Tyr Antilles

    GUIDE UO Automap for UO Outlands

    The marked locations of UO Automap can be used for three UO mapping programs: UO Automap, UO Cartographer and CUO client internal World Map. Here are quick download links for quick update of these programs if you already have everything set: - Marked locations latest version...
  11. K

    Learn to code (not really) with The Mad Macroer

    Welcome dear pupil, to the first in a series of lectures by which you’ll be taught the fundamental aspects of the arcane art of computer programming (not really) through UOSteam macros examples. If all this sounds weird and ominous to you, do not fret! These lessons are meant for the ones who...