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Bloodclan Orcs Recruiting Fort Fort Defense and Raids (New Players and Vets Welcome)


Ug (Hello in Orcish) UO Outlands players,

The Bloodclan Orcs are recruiting a few good orcs for their weekly fort defense events, raids, battles with rp guilds and pvm runs. If you love orcish military raid tactics, creative pvp and rp fun, you'll love playing an Orc!

Important note, we view each branch differently with new rp and rules, we recommend learning more from the branch leader or orcs in Discord.

RP Guilds: We are open to alliances or established RoE
New Players:

We welcome all play styles, we will help you train and gear up!


We are bringing that real time siege like experience from Siege Perilous and IPY here.

PS: As for all you humans out there, don't forget to bring us tribute or your head.