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Gaming Networking Guide - lower ping


TRY repairing your Windows 10 (7/8) first via batch file or command prompt (run both as admin)

networkfix-win10.txt was provided below which can be ran in an elevated command prompt (launch with run as admin) or change extension to .bat from .txt to run as admin as a batch file.

Take note of any static ip/dns settings you have first before running. This requires a reboot.

a. Update your drivers:

b. After the driver update and "check windows for updates" reboot your computer.

c. See remaining follow up threads for additional troubleshooting and support. Restart your computer after the batch file repairs.


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Additional items to consider:

a. Try using a network cable if on wireless

b. Try using wireless 2.4ghz if far from router/through walls or 5ghz if you have 5 bars.

c. Measure your signal strength for wireless, make sure its at 88 or higher (ideally as close to 100) . If you need to move your wifi antenna or router antenna to try getting a better signal or move router closer to desktop:


D. Update router firmware

E. setup "prioritization" to your gaming pc on your router. Google "qos" and your router make/model for guides if you do not know how. This gives packets for gaming a higher priority than packets like streaming movies which tend to kill ping.


F. Turn off streaming, amazon fire etc while gaming. QOS will help reduce the impact a ton.

G. On router ... review connected clients for options to flag the gaming pcs as high priority for traffic routing
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Power cycle modem and router (slow ping, packet loss, 100% packet loss issues, issues after an update/patch, dns change etc). Often many of us need to do this from time to time to resolve our AWS connection issues to the UO O Game server between our ISP and the vendor.
  • Turn off computer(s)
  • Unplug power cord to Modem
  • Unplug power cord to Router (if applicable)
  • Wait 60 seconds!
  • Plug in power cord to Modem
  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Plug in power cord to Router
  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Power up computers


Try the new UOO [Accelerate command (Requires restarting UOO / ClassicUO):

[accelerate - This command gives you access to our direct line virtual private network (VPN) to the shard. Your connection to the shard will enter the network on the edge - connecting to the nearest datacenter to you - and travel across internal lines to our main datacenter, which is now located in Ashburn, Virginia. Players connecting from Australia, Asia, South America and parts of Eastern Europe will notice the most improvement. Players have been reporting less packet loss, less latency and improved responsiveness ingame. Once you toggle it, you need to completely close your client and then login again. Try with/without [accelerate on to see what gives you better results. What works for one player may not help another, but we are pleased to provide you with this option.


Another tip, ping your router if on wifi for high ping. I currently have 30-40ms ping in UOO then 200-400ms pings. However if I ping my router (wifi 6 AX which is a bummer I'm having this issue) you can see 80-200ms ping spikes constantly. This means the issue is on my end.

You would need to know the ip of your router (Same as ip to access it via the web), such as or or etc.


This example clearly shows my router is having poor communications issues via wifi, a ping of 30-50ms locally is horrible it should be 1-2ms or at worse 10ms.

How to use UO Trace on play.uooutlands.com

Please note AWS will block most packets once it leaves your pc > to router > to modem > to isp hops > to backbone > to AWS (amazon UOO server). For security purposes most networking commands are blocked. THESE ARE THE BLACK/FAILED PINGS.
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Windows 7/8/10 network repair/reset script:

Create a .bat batch file to run it when your having issues or after power cycling modem/router. Run it once as admin (Right click run as admin) and then reboot. if you have a static ip or dns, document configuration in case it gets reset.

Attached to this post is networkfix-win10.txt type these commands in an elevated command prompt (Run as admin) or change the extension to .bat and run as admin the batch script then reboot.

How to make a batch file:

Network repair commands:

netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt

netsh winhttp reset proxy

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset


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how to setup router antennas:
a. if on same floor as router, set them straight up like
| | |

b. if you are above/below (upstairs or basement etc) the router set the antennas like :

\ | /