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UOTRACE - network ping, trace route and packet loss tool (old school)


Please see the new thread for additional support:

Please see the new thread for additional support:

Please see the new thread for additional support:

FOR NETWORK TIPS see comments!!

how to UO Trace:

Any old school players may remember UO TRACE , it is a very handy GUI network tool as well.

a. Download UOTRACE from:


b. Launch UO trace (cancel to the server refresh error)

c. in the white drop down menu, use our server: play.uooutlands.com

d. click options > advanced

e. click "TRACE ROUTE"

f. click "POLL"

g. let it run for 10+ seconds > take screenshot
- most hops that are slow occur between your isp and the server, and is often the "route" and not the game/client. Linger distances will have "more hops" and therefore more latency.
- reduce latency at home by using a network cable (CAT7 is the best!)

What can you do with it?
a. perform a trace route from your modem to the server
b. run a continuous ping to measure packet loss (poll feature)



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disable vpn, use a network cable instead of wireless, update NIC drivers and tweaking nic may help too.


select optimal for each nic apply and reboot

how to guide for tcp optimizer:

a. update your drivers (And make sure to reapply the tcp optmizer script after rated for your connection):

It is best to get the drivers from your NIC vendor (motherboard maker or Intel etc):
driver update links:

b. always use a network cable if latency is an issue, wireless adds to your latency if you can.

c. also make sure you dont have malware... free open source antivirus (add your UO folders to the exception list and use gaming mode if needed in task manager):

d. change dns to and reboot


e. deleted;)
f. wireless users: if you can use a network cable. If not use 5ghz if within the same room of router (10-30 feet) and 5 bars, no packet loss. otherwise use 2.4ghz

g. last resort vpn.. below are some feedback I got from players:
-ping zapper (europe and south America)
-mudfish (aussies)
-wtfast (hit or miss)
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collection of discord notes:

flush dns.. https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/how-do-i-flush-my-windows-dns-cache/

-unplug power to modem and router , turn of pc

-after 30 seconds plug in modem, wait 60 seconds plug in router if applicable. after 30 seconds turn on pcs

-temporarily disable antivirus and antimalware (malware bytes etc)

-reinstall the installer using the guide (run as admin)

-after install add the game client / outlands (and if applicable classic uo client) to windows firewall list

-after launcher has verified attempt connection if it works great!

-reenable antivirus ... add uo outlands to antivirus exception list (at least test this)

-at this point if issues persist... try uo trace. click from the menu (advance settings), enable the advance features. connect to this address and if asked port


-perform trace then poll a few minutes.. take note of packet loss starting point and high ping

-if issues still persist... make sure no streaming devices are running until you figure this out (netflix, amazon fire, smart tvs, YouTube etc). make sure they are idle or off

-if wireless and in the same room as router (without walls) use 5ghz ac if available. if not stick on 2.4ghz channel.

-try both either way. if u can use a network cable (if u like in old house i always upgrade to cat7 network cables and new quad shield coaxial cables but that's for reducing interference and off topic, also remove splitters connected to coaxial that degrade signal)

-if its not wireless or streaming... try a different dns server such as (linked in 2nd comment)

-try updating network card drivers

-try speed guide tcp optimizer ...(details in 2nd comment)

-last resort... try vpn like wtfast, ping zapper and aussies mention mudpuppy

-also worth backing up router settings and checking for firmware updates

if issues persist send uo trace 30 sexond pullinf with and without dns. reminder helper links are in


troubleshooting network:

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