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PATCH Guild and PvP Patch

Were you PvM'n or fighting other players? And if other players was it in a dungeon on foot? or on mount?
Mounted pvm for the first run, as that's how I normally play. While mounted, following pets still lagged half a screen behind so there wasn't much difference in the gameplay experience.

I then went back and did some pvp tests with various people and pets, both mounted and on foot (where the follow speed was definitely noticeable and was such a nice QOL improvement after dragging around slow as fuck pets forever).

My conclusion is that the speed boost is a good change even though it may seem alarming at first. For example, one of my opponents was freaking out about the pet speed as I was attacking him and yet my pets never managed to kill him until he ran out of pots.

They did have him on the run, and if that was a real scenario it might have bought me enough time to escape a pk attempt. Eventually he stopped running and was able to just stand there healing and potting through their attacks because of the lack of special attacks or interrupts.

And it was the same with every opponent, and for me when I was the target -- we only died when we ran out of pots or made a mistake such as letting ourselves get boxed in. Which means there are counters, just like with any other kind of pvp.

Perhaps the most revealing test was when I had a 120 tamer with 120 pets attack me while I was on foot with no armor, no regs, no pots and no defensive skills. Even at a severe disadvantage like that I didn't get one-shotted, I had some time to run and try to get away.
tamer pks do amazing in small hallways with stealth pets or islands.

maybe 100 move when no pvp and 75% when pvping.

more importantly introduce party share for aspect xp otherwise xp always goes to tamer and discourages party play
I would like to put forward a more thought out suggestion than my previous one...

Pet/Follower PvP Suggestion:

Remove pvp movement speed shift and re-design all pets to have different movement speed, perhaps as simple as fast pets and slow pets (2 speeds, or maybe 3 at most, medium).

PvP scalar damage - Fast pets/followers are lowest damage and smallest chance to interrupt spells. Slow pets/followers are highest damage and greatest chance to interrupt spells.

Introduce a "Pet whistle" that summons your pets from anywhere on the map. Have the equivalent for summoners, and any other potential follower classes. This should not be usable during PvP and should require significant time to use (15 sec or so).

Use chance based interruptions instead of no interruptions at all. Scale this with pet speed/damage.

Scale special ability chance the same as interruptions in that slower movement speed = more often and faster movement speed = less often. This ought to be a general rule, some pet specials may need to be custom catered to prevent too little or too much effectiveness.

Note: last time I checked test purposed changes, meditation was not being interrupted upon being hit with anything from a pet/follower. Make sure Meditation gets interrupted 100% of the time.
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How are we getting on with this patch? I haven't played for a while having found the pvp a bit stale and repetitive. I for one am looking forward to some of this being implemented! Not long til the autumn/winter, and the usual pick up of activity!