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GUIDE How to Record Your Journal


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Sometimes incidents happen ingame and a journal recording can be useful to figure out how things happened. Here is a guide on how to turn on Journal recording:

1. Open your UO Directory, noting the path it uses. (C:\Program Files\Outlands Ultima Online, most likely)

2. Create a new folder in your UO Directory. Label it Journal. (C:\Program Files\Outlands Ultima Online\Journal, so far)

3. Open the folder and create an empty text file. Label it Journal.txt (C:\Program Files\Outlands Ultima Online\Journal\Journal.txt)

4. Open the uo.cfg file in your UO Directory (use Notepad to open). Apply these settings:
and then add the following line:
JournalSaveFile=C:\Program Files\Outlands Ultima Online\Journal\Journal.txt (this being whatever path pertains in your particular case)

5. Close the uo.cfg, click Okay on save changes.