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Napa Valley - Smoker/GHOSTFACE-KILLAH/Violent DoZa of the DoZa Clan
Catskills - Smoker
UOHYBRID - Massacre
UOSA - Gretchen/Shimmergloom/Violent DoZa
UOR - Smoker/Knightmare/Mob Gobin
anyone I used to played with hit me up so when can team up

I Smoke Thee - Smoker

Pacific from 97-05. Primary was Drake, led/rolled in a few shard ruling guilds...CSE, KGB, and FL (Fallen Lords). Looking forward to joining the mix.
hello :)

i started playing UO in 1998, primarily on chesapeake , and a bit on seige, (and was a counselor on great lakes for a couple of those years). played for probably 4-5 years there before going with guildmates to other games. have tried a few of the player shards, but just like all of the other games that have come out over the years, they did not compare to the UO i know and love. hoping this shard will not follow the same path! so far-so good. :)
Oh ok, I'll play...

Started UO on Chesapeake back in 1998 with a bunch of friends in real life. My original character was Airicx.

I founded the guild SOLDIER and eventually turned it into a Anti-PK guild. I was fairly early in using a dex monkey to beat mages in PVP as I'd carry something absurd like 30 trapped bags and a shit ton of pots. I used a vanq dagger for the speed or a vanq kryss. Had many a good time killing reds, most famously killing our shards greatest PK Alice Cooper and chasing off his friend by myself.

Sometime close to 2000 my younger brother - who shared my account - got us banned.

Shortly after I got a new account and came back as Galan Dracos on Chessy. However my rl friends had moved to Seige Perilous and asked me to join them there and join their PK Guild.

From 2000 to 2001 or 2002 I played on Seige Perilous as Khellendros and ran with my 6 rl friends (including my brother) in the guild Ca$h MoNeY Hu$tLa$ (C$H). I went full circle from my Anti-PK days and went full on PK Griefer. We developed a reputation on Siege and took on much larger guilds, often with a lot of success. Still have an assload of screenshots to prove it.

At some point we quit and moved on. However we eventually got on UOGamers Hybrid and reformed C$H and resumed our PKing and Griefing. I played Lootacris at this time. I believe this was around 2005 to 2006. We had similar success to Seige, but probably not as much as we weren't as successful as getting more than 4 of us on at a time. Our guild leader, Kurupt, stuck around Hybrid I believe for many years and became one of the most notorious people on the server.

Now, ironically my most recent UO adventure is the one I remember the least. I thought it was called uosecondage. Three or four of us played this server around 2008-2010ish. I don't seem to have many memories of this although I remember I owned my first castle on this server. We had castles before, but it was other guildmates that owned them.

And that was it. I've tried other games but none had the impact on me that UO did, and now that there is a whole new map with all new skillsets and the like... I figure it's worth giving it a go. So here I am.

I most recently came from Elder Scrolls Online, and I have to say as fun as that game was, it's set up where you cannot enter pvp without consent and the no loot options handicap it to the point it cannot beat this old game we call Ultima online
I played briefly on Lake Superior in '98 before EverQuest came out... still have a pile of snow from xmas '99 lol. Most recently came from UO Forever... i had 3 accounts full of GM'd chars, i.e. Mage, thief, poisoner, alchemist, several tailors, a house, etc. After spending a day in Outlands i deleted everything in uo;f... there's just no comparison. Look forward to spending as much time as I can here ;D
Ahoyhoy !

I began my Britannian adventure on Europa back in 1999 and I'm sorry to report I still keep my accounts there active. I don't play anymore due to EA's massive dilution of the core principles of the game almost two decades ago, but I just can't cut ties. This is even despite the loss of the main asset on one of the accounts due to a credit card change (so sorry Deepwater Library, I wuved you ❤) I threw magic at things as Kas Valentine, I stole up a storm as "Valentine." and did this and that as various other characters (Cool UK, Max Empire, Tawny Cobalt, Jester Cowlscomb, etc etc).

I moved into the rich and rewarding world of roleplaying once I became acquainted with it, and then far more so once UO moved away from Feluccan rulesets (roleplaying incorporated a lot of the rules and mechanics I missed). Siege Perilous proved to be a welcome retreat in the Feluccan respect, mostly stealing as James Valentine, albeit briefly while juggling roleplay on Europa. Sadly the roleplay circle I was involved with fell on hard times and I gradually drifted away from commercial UO.

ENTER FREESHARD UO and so much joyous discovery of life on the other side of the coin:
  1. I literally adored playing a detective on IPY2, as well as general adventuring and theft.
  2. With UO Second Age, I revisited my stealing years under the new guise of Jonny Fortune, as well as becoming a small business owner running Murkfinger's (I still refresh the small properties I own there).
And now, thanks to my good friend Hoagie, I've arrived here (literally earlier today). I can't begin to say how fascinating the mechanics are here, the systems at play, the artwork, the world, the sheer time and effort that has been put in boggles and awes my mind. Naturally I'm used to a more traditional Feluccan ruleset (love you so deeply UOSA, SO DEEPLY) but I'm very excited to try something new that has familiar aspects at core level.

I recognised a few European names as I read through this thread (@Mapper, @Gwenno) which is always a good thing. But regardless of server descent, I'm just keen to get back into Britannia and forge new adventures with people for good or ill !

Hope to 'bump' into you soon,
The Valentine Family (Kasper Valentine, Jonny Valentine, Monty Valentine).
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Mickey Smith here. Played UO on Great Lakes from early 1998 to around the time SWG released in 2003. Played both for awhile until coming back to UO full time and finally quit about 2006 or so. Ran the Farland Clan for about 7 years which was alot of fun. I met alot of great people ingame and out of game. We threw a guild party in Southern Illinois where many of us played each year while I was gm. People from around the country would show up for a couple of days and just talk UO for hours. Good times!
Played on Great Lakes (OSI) from 98 until Trammel came along and turned the world around my home into an empty graveyard. I've tried a few free shards but quit do to griefers and PKs (something about UO attracts psychos and sadists). Hoping this place is different.
Reporting in..

Played UO (OSI) from 99' - 2018 on the following shards -

Europa - Lord Omega / Aiden (Grd - RP Guild)
Atlantic - Lord Damascus

Looking forward to starting from scratch! building up an empire and taking the shard by storm.. failing that killing some critters and running a vendor will suffice.

Shard looks incredible!
Hi. I havent played UO since like 1999 I think....i stopped around the time Lumberjacking was introduced and all us Mages too swords and lumber to hally joust lol! I played on Lake Superior, and If anyone else did around then, drop me a line. Im a TOTAL newbie to Ultima now though, I literally am just learning everything I can to just begin my journey....Its tough going but its so fun I wouldnt have it another way.



I'm Downs, played osi from 99-2002ish. Came back to uo when secondage opened up and played there actively for 5 or 6 years with my brother and some other like minded friends we met while playing on uosa.

Seen a few familiar names here that can attest to my innocent bardish nature.

There's some interesting mechanics here that I look forward to trying out. Always nice to have a fresh start somewhere and begin building an empire from scratch.
Started playing early '98 as soon as I could get my hands on the game from across the ocean; had been drooling over the concept of the game for months from articles in game magazines but it was nigh impossible to get here (I remember after weeks of calling retailers I eventually stumbled across it in a weird store that mostly sold business software (Corel draw, word perfect, accounting software etc.)).

Anyway I played on Atlantic from '98 to '02, with the occasional breaks, and fell in love with both the PvP aspect (I rolled with SSJ and S!S), the RP scene (Part of the Yew council and I had a couple of Seers in my ICQ list) and I was a counselor on Napa Valley until they sacked the lot (account stayed free though ;)). Eventually I started to lose interest because of the direction the game was heading and I had the opportunity to join a prestigious counter-strike clan (the other game I played religiously back then).

I briefly came back to the Europa server when I Finnish friend I had met in UO came over for a week and bought me the AoS box, but being appalled by the changes to items, new skills and insurance that didn't last too long... stayed a bit for the RP, but when there were talks of laying off the IGMs it put the final nail in the coffin for me. I mean I love how the freedom allows for excellent player-driven stories, but those IGM/Seer run story lines that sometimes lasted for months ,with a lasting impact on the world, were magical (I believe you can still visit Claudia Raym's lair near Wrong on Atlantic; after weeks of consoling, caretaking and winning over her trust I was one of the few Yew council members allowed in there, where she finally opened up and accepted our help to puzzle together her past, which turned out to have a pretty big demon (the end-boss of the story arc – which I missed because of time zones :() – and that was 19 (!) years ago).

Occassionally I get the nostalgia urges and look up my old friend UO; I've seen free shards in the past but they never held my attention beyond reading a bit of the wiki... until I stumbled upon Outlands! The custom map just oozes passion and detail and it offers something unique that other freeshards lack: rekindling that sense of exploration and wonder we felt when fist stepping in Britannia. I'm also digging the confidence you have in this project by taking your time with development and even putting out a cloth map, which hopefully means that this gorgeous map and server won't fade away in obscurity after a short while.

Sorry for being so verbose, but I don't often get to talk about UO, but when I do I turn into that grampa telling old war stories and reading up on this server has me excited in a way I didn't think games could do anymore!
Do you recall the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) from your time spent on Napa?