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LFG thread - players seeking a guild or group


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As we all know, the true joy of UO is found in its community.

Solo players, don't be shy. Tell us here what you're looking for in a guild, and what you can offer.
Guild leaders. Take a chance on people, for the good of your own group and the server as a whole.

Please post in reply if you are looking for a guild, rather than starting your own thread. Feel free to use your own format, but sticking to the below would make sense:

Name: (Discord handle + Character names if you have chosen them)
Playstyle: (PvP, PK, PvM, RP, Crafting)
Timezone: (EST, GMT...)
Type of guild you're looking for: ("Looking for casual friendly PvM guild")
A little about you & your UO story: ("I played the Chesapeake shard back in the day, involved in the RP community. I then moved on to the Siege Perilous shard. I'm from Wiesbaden in Germany")

Name: undecided at present.
Playstyle: PvM mainly, but enjoy PvP. Light roleplaying is enjoyed, particularly evil or unlawful.
Timezone: NZT
Type of guild: Casual is key, focused around PvM but not shy of PvP. Mature and intolerant of antisocial behaviour. Laid back.
Me: New Zealander, 33 years old, who started UO on his 13th birthday. Pacific, Oceania, Siege Perilous; followed by quite a few free shards. I used to make UO maps when I was in my mid teens using that software where you could use colours in paint and convert it to a map file, then create more using Ultima Offline(?). Only played around with the maps at LAN parties with friends and they were basically just huge dungeon worlds with DND-style story telling. I'm self employed in direct sales, focused around tech advancement, and a keen advocate of transhumanism. I'm a high ping gamer and will need many resses.


Name: Konni#0138 on Discord. Character on UO O ist not yet final.
Playstyle: PvM and Crafting
Timezone: CET // UTC +2 (during summer)
Type of guild you're looking for: I don't have that much time to play, so I could offer casual play only but looking for a newbie friendly group or guild. I'm not too experienced, so I'd need some support with learning the game in many aspects. PvP is not my main focus, I like to run around, explore, doing PvM things and could image to craft things. So harvesting ressources and then make them to something valuable in game.
A little about you & your UO story: I played on a freeshard called "UO Sigena" back then when I was a teenager. But I don't remember most of the things from then. Then I had a character on UO: Renaissance recently as I heard of UO Outlands. Love the fact that there is Orion and alle the cool features the shard will offer. I'm living in Leipzig, Germany.


Name: Discord Rolund#7863 + Rolund)
Playstyle: PvP, PvM, RP, Crafting
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for a well rounded casual friendly PvM/PK Hunter guild
A little about you & your UO story: I live in the United States (Massachusetts) I played OSI-Chesapeake server as Kain/Raziel and rolled with the Atomic Godz (A*G) + Damage Inc. for anyone who played then and spent some time on UOF. Not really into PKing(Going Red) but will to protect champ spawn drops and fellow guildies with the utmost tenacity. I play casually for fun and I am into some PVP/PK hunting , maybe running a few champ spawns /dungeon crawls and long walks on the beaches of Cambria :laughing: . Thou overall looking for a cool/chill group of people who stick together, help each other out and have fun.

Old Man Dan

Name: Old Man Dan #9094/ Got a few toons but Old man Dan, Jen the Lover, and a few others.
Playstyle: PvM Mostly, But dont mind a bit of PvP once i learn the mechanics and the game a bit more. Also interested in some RP
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for a casual PvM with a bit of PvP and RP would be nice.
A little about you & your UO story: Well not much to say here, i've never really played UO. I've just started playing seriously with UO Forever about 1 month ago. Saw a post on reddit about Outlands and never returned to UOF. So honestly total time playing UO Is like 1 month and a half. Im total pleb xD
Also about im im a 30 years old. I've been PC gaming for most of my life. Ive played games like Diablo 2, runescape, and a lot of the newer titles such as Black Desert Online. I love sandbox type games and i've become very interested in UO.


Name: Gridlok
Playstyle: (PvP, PvM, RP, Crafting)
Timezone: (AZ/MST)

Type of guild you're looking for:
- A casual guild willing to take in new players.
- Comedic/Satire based RPing would be great, too.
- Computer and technology hobbyists are a plus.

A little about you & your UO story:
I am a 30's something systems operator and casual gamer from Phoenix but enjoy the social aspect of the communities I am a part of the most. When I was much younger I watched my cousin play vanilla UO on Napa Valley and he let me have a character on Sonoma. I played for a bit but spent most of my time killing NPC and dyeing robes. He has joined this server and shown me a few ropes but I am still very green to UO. I am currently a blacksmith but have a few other characters in mind. I would like to be a crafting resource for my player group.
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Name: Emrold, Morde
Playstyle: Likes to do everything
Timezone: -5GMT

Type of guild you're looking for:
- A group-hunting guild to handle ganks and opportunists
- A guild to pvp with
- RP is fine too
- Anything else too

yag taghof

Name: Yag
Playstyle: pvp
Timezone: est
Type of guild you're looking for: Looking for pk/griefing partners.
A little about you & your UO story: I like it when people complain and I'd like to see people complain about things we do in the forums.


Name: Grave#4391 + Jenkins,Sulfuras,Anarchy,Ginger
Playstyle: (PvP, PK, PvM, Crafting)
Timezone: CET
Type of guild you're looking for: Looking for casual friendly guild/group
A little about you & your U0 story: I'm barely 1 week into Ultima Online and 1 day on Outlands mostly playing the Parry Tank Dexxer Template and my own Poison Template other 2 Chars are LJ & BS doesn't need to be a guild a small group is fine for me, I prefer Germans since my english isn't perfect but im fine with international guild&groups as long as my broken english is okay for you ;)

I'm 23 years young and I've been playing MMORPGs since im 9, I work in shifts and make a lot of music with my bands, play pen&paper and many more so im realy looking for casual stuff no progress/hc guilds&groups
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Name: Blitz and Rick Ross
Playstyle: (PvP, PK, PvM)
Timezone: Central
Type of guild you're looking for: Looking for a all around guild that quests and engages in PvP/PK.
A little about you & your UO story: I played the Lake Superior shard back in 1997 until about 2000. I then moved on to WoW for several years. Currently playing melee chars but intend on building a tamer or mage in the future.

Karai Maguro

Name: Iarak and others
Playstyle: (Crafting on my own, PvM & PvP with others)
Timezone: Central European
Type of guild you're looking for: Any guild that values working / building something together. I'm not opposed to RP and would like to learn PvP. I enjoy crafting as a mean to provide a service to other guild members.


Name: Love- Love#7253 on Discord
Playstyle: PvP, PK
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Good factions guild and good PK guild
A little about you & your UO story: Started on Atlantic in 97. Played in Pluggers there with Plug, Quickbeam, et al. Moved to Siege years later. Played in EVO and REV there with Forsaken. Played Hybrid (UOGamers) as Aesuuma and Aikaeli years later in guilds like SmK, Stylin on You, and Decadence with breakofdawn, Parliament, Son of Wanker, Sagev, et al. I am a very good group fighter and a pretty good caller. Can sync and heal syncs well. Am good 1v1 but not pro-tier raserei sort of level at all. Haven't played in maybe 5 years but it's all second nature, should be good to go in a few weeks. I mostly prefer to run in groups as caller or just listening. Just need to get a new mic and get my chars skilled up (tank mages probably) and I'm good to go. HMU on Discord.


Name: Gnomsayin#1114
Playstyle: pvp,pvm,rp
Timezone: cst
Type of guild you're looking for
: pirate guild. want to experience the new this server offers.
A little about you & your UO story: started uo in 99 on great lakes. quit around 06. free servers here and there.


Name: Shockeffect#7732
Playstyle: PvM, Crafting
Type of guild you're looking for: Adventuring guild for bosses, Thunting, events, anit-PK
A little about you & your UO story: Started playing UO in 97 or 98 on Napa Valley and played until about a year after Trammel happened. Screw around wiht UO:R and some others in the past but want get going again. I am in the Navy, so periodically i will be gone for a couple months at a time but am looking for a fun group of mature people to play with. I am also trying to get a large group of friends from my boat to play as well. Ultimately i will have a thunter, tamer, 7x crafter, and whatever else sounds fun.


Name: zekameka#1264
Playstyle: PvM, PVP, PK
Type of guild you're looking for
: pvm+boss raids, pk, pvp.
Currently i need a guild to train combat skills on my dummy player in town for my pvp/pk char. I also have a pvm summoner and would like to try taking on a dungeon boss sometime. Also would like to participate in events. Also ganking people in a stealth pk squad sounds very fun to me.
A little about you & your UO story: Im 31 and i first played uo a very long time ago on private shards. No game ever got me the thrill and adrenaline rush of full loot pk'ing. I currently have a thief char (really like this mechanic), a summoner moneymaker, now remaking my peace dexer into a stealth pvm backstabber/stealth pk.
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Name: Draftbrew#3404
Playstyle: PvP, PK, PvM
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for a casual well rounded guild that dables in a bit of everything!
A little about you & your UO story: Never played OSI but started up back on IPY and various free shards afterwards.

Edit: Found a guild.
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Name: DrMantisTobogganMD#2189, also "Mantis Toboggan" in-game
Playstyle: Crafting, maybe RP? Never tried but open to it.
Timezone: EST but I have insomnia so I'm on the computer at all hours lol.
Type of guild you're looking for: A friendly guild, one that is ok with casuals
A little about you & your UO story: Buddies of mine played back in the late 90s on the original servers. I was always around it but never had the PC/internet connection to play myself. That and they loved to PK and that's just not my thing. Scamming people for housing deeds, trapping crates with DP, stuffing them with rocks so they're too heavy to carry, locking them, and then waiting in the bushes nearby for someone to lockpick it.... Yeah, not my thing. One of those buddies got me onto a free shard in college and we did some pvp and thieving. Thieving was most fun having one run up and disarm/steal at the bank, the second loot the insta-killed body, ????, profit. Kinda fun. I always liked the crafting/gathering aspect of the game. Just looking to help out a guild. Making mundane items, supplying PvPers or adventurers with gear, etc. I just want to help out lol.
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Name: Marsh#9891 / "Qvothe" in game
Playstyle: I like do it all. The game is fun when you have other people to do everything with. My most fun has come from doing group PVP.
Timezone: CST
Type of guild you're looking for: Casual mature/adult guild with good sense of humor. Looking to re-experience this "new version" of UO with new friends.
A little about you & your UO story:
I have played on and off since Renaissance released. I played on Great Lakes then, and I have played on several private servers with similar rule sets over the years.
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