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LFG thread - players seeking a guild or group

The time has come to join a group. LFG!

I have been playing for a bit now strictly solo and I have my Taming to GM (Thanks Khal Drogo for the guide!). I'm a casual player dating back to my days on Pacific. I enjoy light role play but I don't want to hear your voices via Discord. It ruins the illusion for me. :p

I'm not looking for handouts to get started. Yes, I'm homeless but I could not stand not having a blessed rune book. Sacrifices had to be made.

I reside in the Central time zone but I play often work permitting.

I'm looking for a mature group to enjoy this new world with.



Playstyle: Gringobingo#9364
Timezone: PDT, GMT-7
Type of guild: looking to get into PVP, PKing
A little about you & your UO story: I played Pacifica back in 99 till 01. I played off and on since then mostly on freeshards. Never really played a pvp character before but it always interested me. I'm looking for a guild who could show me the ropes a bit. I'm just starting out on Outlands and will be making a mage of some sort at first.


Name: Discord handle: Tru Milli #6596, Character name: Seiki
Playstyle: PvM ,Crafting,
Timezone: CST
Type of guild you're looking for: Looking for friendly and mature PvM guild
A little about you & your UO story: From Houston, Tx and started watching my friend play this game in 1999-2000, then i got into it not long after. started playing when UO:R came out and played on Catskills shard, fell in love with it. quit playing when AOS and didn't like it anymore. so years later here i am back and looking for that perfect Guild to help an old/new player begin his journey again!


Name: Discord - Arkenstoner
Outlands - Greyson Locke, Bran the Hammer
Playstyle: PvM, crafting, curious about getting into popular though
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for some pvm buddies and people to show me the ropes regarding crafting on this server. I mostly play Friday nights and through the weekend.

I started on Great Lakes 20 years ago and played casually as a teen, then got into free shards sporadically in my twenties. Most recently coming from UoR and enjoying the degree of different templates you can use on this server, but currently running a Macer and a Blacksmith.


Discord name: Morde
Character Names: Morde (disco peace macer), Potsworth (mule), Emrold (mage alchemist)
Timezone: EST (usually in bed by 10pm most nights)

I'm open to any type of guild. I'd like a group to use my 7x pvm character with, and I'd also like to use my defensive mage in pvp. I have some recent D&D experience too and am totally open to RPing. My mule can pick locks, remove traps, and ID items too. Like most players, I've been playing for like 20 years. I started on UOO in 2019 but fizzled out, and only just started playing again. I used to play on Demise, Defiance, UOForever, Hybrid, UODestiny, and a bunch of others that I don't remember, as well as AOL Legends way back when.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like I have an old post on the first page of this thread lol

Acid Rain

Name: Acid Rain Discord AcidRain#8507
Playstyle: (PvP, PK, PvM, Crafting)
Timezone: (EST)
Type of guild you're looking for: (Fun active, Pvp)
A little about you & your UO story: (Played Catskills, Seige Perilous, and then AOL legends for a bit. There are 3 of of who are looking to get back into it, so would love some help getting started and an active PvP guild to join.
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