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LFG thread - players seeking a guild or group

The time has come to join a group. LFG!

I have been playing for a bit now strictly solo and I have my Taming to GM (Thanks Khal Drogo for the guide!). I'm a casual player dating back to my days on Pacific. I enjoy light role play but I don't want to hear your voices via Discord. It ruins the illusion for me. :p

I'm not looking for handouts to get started. Yes, I'm homeless but I could not stand not having a blessed rune book. Sacrifices had to be made.

I reside in the Central time zone but I play often work permitting.

I'm looking for a mature group to enjoy this new world with.



Playstyle: Gringobingo#9364
Timezone: PDT, GMT-7
Type of guild: looking to get into PVP, PKing
A little about you & your UO story: I played Pacifica back in 99 till 01. I played off and on since then mostly on freeshards. Never really played a pvp character before but it always interested me. I'm looking for a guild who could show me the ropes a bit. I'm just starting out on Outlands and will be making a mage of some sort at first.