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PATCH Map Patch for August 10, 2019


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THIS PATCH REQUIRES A MANDATORY FILE PATCH. Please close your client and run your launcher.

As always, please shut everything down to do with Outlands & Run your Launcher as Admin! If your launcher doesn't update, please download a new launcher: http://www.uooutlands.com/download.php

The patcher will download 8 new files. If you need a direct link for the files, you can download them here:

and replace your existing file in your Outlands directory.

If you would like to download via a Google mirror, simply download, unzip and replace the files in your Outlands directory using this link:

Corpse Creek Revamp
  • Corpse Creek has been revamped to fix LOS and elevation issues, making it much more suitable for PvP
  • The Chaos Shrine has been removed and replaced with Chaos Hill. The shrine will find a new home in the future.
  • No new placeable housing areas have been added - the terrain was copied exactly.
  • Corpse Creek Contest location has been reconfigured
  • All runes in the Corpse Creek region have been wiped - players will need to re-mark
  • Some houses will be re-located, but maintain their relative positioning - please bear with us while Corpse Creek is under renovation

  • A new Festival Island has been added to host upcoming events (namely the King's Faire)

New Orc Fort
  • A new orc fort has been constructed for the Bloodclan orcs group
  • The orc fort is called "Lugrish" and is located southeast of Prevalia
  • The region is Lawless, and indicated by a dirt terrain border and orc standards- enter at your own risk!

Forsaken Keep & the new Druid Glade
  • In preparation for upcoming events, the Forsaken Keep has been made easier to navigate, in addition to a new bridge which extends West
  • A formerly very annoying area of the map to navigate has been redone, and is now known as the Druid Glade
  • The Druid Glade sits south of the Forsaken Keep

Ossuary Dungeon Level 4
  • A new dungeon level has been completed and patched into the map for our arguably most popular dungeon
  • An upcoming event will open the dungeon to everyone, including many new challenges, monsters and tamables

Standalone Mini Boss Rooms
  • All dungeons now feature stand-alone mini boss rooms to accommodate dungeon Custodians in an aim to eradicate boss camming
  • The entrances to these rooms can be found where the locations were originally located

The Mausoleum


Darkmire Temple


Aegis Keep

Boss Room Changes
  • Darkmire Temple boss room has been made larger
  • Cavernam boss room entrance is now located where the mini boss formerly spawned

Darkmire Temple


Shrine Revamps
  • To accommodate the large turnouts and upcoming changes to the shrine system, 50% of our shrine locations have been made larger and easier to navigate
  • The remaining shrines will be revamped in a future map patch

Misc Town Changes
  • A new boat is moored in the Prevalian harbour, which will serve was transport to the King's Faire
  • A comfortable new lodge has been erected on Shelter Island, which will serve as the home base for our Companion system and as a beacon for new players
  • The Cambrian Archaeological Society has secured enough funding to complete their establishment in Cambria, which has a wide display of new artifascts unearthed in Ossuary on display
  • Prevalia Castle's interior coutryard fountain was removed to increase maneuverability
  • Cambria Castle's interior courtyard has been made larger to increase maneuverability

Prevalian Docks

Prevalia Castle courtyard

Shelter Island Companion Hall

Cambrian Archaeological Society

Cambria Castle

New Stygian Rift Arenas
  • Two new arenas have been added to the map for a future system, Stygian Rifts

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I agree with Tucan. When a guild scouts a house location in beta, rushes at launch to secure the spot and then works together to place our guild house of choice only to have its location changed.... Its pretty shit. Did we want a moongate house? No.. Could we have placed one? Yes... We chose the spot due to it being the closest house to CC bank, healer, and shops. Now with this update that goal we accomplished has been thrown in the trash.

How about next we move all of the moongates? It makes sense, let's switch them up.... Since players housing locations don't seem to matter.
maybe work with the devs on it directly
They would have. Sadly the Devs never worked with them directly when planning the CC move, nor notifying. Not even patching the changes on Test. Seems pretty typical though. Sadly Tea is heavily favored here over coffee. Koston's points are valid, and this truly shines the reflection of the devs. Owyn has it within his power to re-evaluate all of the properties that bordered corpse creek Cuz that would be the ... you know... DECENT FUCKING THING TO DO
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They would have. Sadly the Devs never worked with them directly when planning the CC move, nor notifying. Not even patching the changes on Test. Seems pretty typical though. Sadly Tea is heavily favored here over coffee. Koston's points are valid, and this truly shines the reflection of the devs.
Before shining the devs in a bad light, has anyone tried reaching out to them - I'm sure they'd be open to fixing the mistake, or settling the land disputes in an agreeable manner.
In a game with player housing, map edits like the one done to corpse creek are significant and have implications for the players who invested the time and effort to secure a housing spot. I don't know of any other shard which relocates NPC towns further away from established player housing and I don't think any shards would think such a change is a good idea. It's a bad decision on any front.

If there are concerns that moving one guild's house would be favoritism, all housing that was near the town could be re-evaluated for repositioning. If the map needs to be patched again to accomodate that, c'est la vie.

Just because the development team has the power to make certain changes to the world does NOT mean that they are justified in doing so in every case. In a sandbox game like UO, carrying an attitude that because the team developed the map they can do whatever they like with it post-launch isn't one that encourages investment on the part of the community.

If my understanding of prestige rewards is correct, there is already a path to custom development of the map for guilds that earn enough prestige, so similar map development as a method to accomodating/reimbursing guilds who had significant map editing should be on the table. I don't see why it's favoritism to make things right and relocate some housing when you literally rip an established town off it's foundations and move it further away -vs- creating custom islands for guilds that farm enough pvp matches.