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Newbie build and progression

Hi everyone,

I am new to the server and have played UO many, many years ago and would like to give it a go again.

I was wondering what build would be great for a newbie to generate some money initially.

What 3 skills should I use to setup my character. From there, I assume I do some macroing to get my other skill ups in place. Which skills do I do first and in what order?

Also, what do you do after you have your character all macroed up? Do you hit some dungeons to make some money?

There's varying opinions on this, and it depends on how familiar you are with the game, there's some good conversation in this thread:


Many will recommend a bard / dexxer, they are incredibly cheap to build to start, and perform well at the mid tier, until you hit a wall which requires high end weapons, instruments, lyric aspect, and 120 skills x 2, all very expensive, in order to become very useful end game.

If your newly returned to UO and it's been a long time, I'd suggest more of a parry/dexxer build while you get used to the map, the world, everything, on page 2 I posted an extremely cheap starter template that is durable.

Ultimately though it depends what kind of character you like to play, outlands offers up a ton of options, you should join their discord, and head to the newplayer channel, lots of people around to answer questions. We have solid tamers, summoners, mages, dexxers, bard dexxers, shadow rogues etc...