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UO: Outlands Guild List

Hey all, let's try and get a collection of guilds on the server all in one thread! Please use the following format :

Guild Info:
Guild's Purpose:
Recruiting Yes/No:
Majority of Guilds time zone:
How to JOIN:


Guild: The East Avadon Trading Company
Tag: [EATC]
Guild Info: Mercantile and pirating privateering operation based in and around Horseshoe Bay.
Guild's Purpose: Extort Establish the Bay as an independent community of like-minded traders, smugglers seafarers, freebooters fishermen and craftsmen while providing military support at sea to defend its naval assets (and definitely not enforcing licensing to sail the seas).
Recruiting Yes/No: Yes.
Majority of Guilds Time Zone: Either end of the Pacific.
How to JOIN: The Company seeks assertive individuals that are team oriented and goal driven who wish to build a solid community of businessmen and sailors in the Bay. That being said, the Company has high standards for its membership, and is an invite-only endeavor. Successful recruits are those who have shown extensive engagement with the Company and its members. Voice communication (Discord) is mandatory.


Guild: Power of the night
Tag: [PwN]
Guild info: A group for pvm minded folk to tackle top tier content together
Guilds purpose: A collection of the best on the shard to be able to tackle any content. Will not use reds, etc to enforce farming in areas - we will be noble warriors and establish good working relationships with other like minded pvm guilds to be able to farm around others without worrying about their intentions.
Recruiting: Yes
Majority of guilds time zone: Oceania based. Australia, new zealand, asia etc or just people in other countries with playtimes that meet up with us.
How to join: Shoot me a pm, or chat to me in discord!

Arthur Dayne

Attention Citizens:

The ancient and prestigious House Dayne of Starfall is seeking skilled artisans, warriors, mages, and beast-tamers to conscript into the effort against the Forces of Chaos! Help us restore Order, Peace and Prosperity to the City of Cambria! Interested individuals can report to the Starfall embassy in West Cambria for evaluation and conscription.

We are the Dawn that Breaks the Long Night.

Lord Arthur Dayne, Lord of Starfall
House Dayne of Starfall [H*D] is a lite-RP multifaceted guild involved in most good-aligned activities! Plans underway for a guild vendor house, guild city, Order faction participation... and much more!

If you're interested, first review our guild charter at:

If you wish to apply, please submit your application here:

After you submit your application, feel free to join us in our guild Discord to get to know us!
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Outlands Crypto


Guild Info

Guild's Purpose
To wizard together, to mine together, to get rich together.
We are novice-adept miners and Crypto enthusiasts who seek to help
our brother's and sisters in humanity.

Recruiting Yes/No

Majority of Guilds time zone
All your time are belong to us.

How to JOIN
If you meet the following criteria feel free to join the guild via Discord link above,
and declare that you wish to join
* Must be an Outlands player/supporter.
* Must be somewhat involved in crypto currencies.



Beard Brothers


Guild Info:
We are a Guild for anyone and Everyone.

Guild's Purpose:
To do anything and everything, There is nothing that the collective Beard can not do.
We take on all challenges and just like to have a lot of fun.

Recruiting Yes/No:

Majority of Guilds time zone:
Time is not relevant to the beard.

How to JOIN:
Message me on Discord/Forums PapaCarl


Guild: Boulderfist Orc Clan
Tag: Orc/Ork
Guild Info: We are a roleplaying guild focusing on Orcs in UO. Made up of old Shadowclan and Bloodclan members from OSI and several private shards.
Guild's Purpose: To klomp all oomies and take their newbie shooz. To have fun above all else.
Recruiting Yes/No: Always looking for new pugs to join.
Majority of Guilds time zone: We are mostly US players spanning from EST to PST but we have members outside of the US. Everyone's playtime is erratic so someone is usually on.
How to JOIN: Ask a member and pass the counting in Orcish test.
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Guild: Imperium Prevalianum (Prevalian Empire)

Tag: [Prev]

Guild Info: We are a lite-roleplaying guild based in the city of Prevalia. We are accepting all play-styles and level of experience (including experience with RP, new? were happy to help out). PvP oriented players can choose land vs sea combat, joining the Legion or Navy respectively. PvM, Crafters, Traders, Fishermen etc. will become citizens of the Empire and enjoy the safety the PvP players provide when on guild hunts or at sea as well as the market the guild provides to buy crafters wares.

Guild's Purpose: To unite all the major cities to the Empire as it was in the past

Recruiting Yes

Majority of Guilds time zone: Majority US zones but a few others scattered about

How to JOIN: Come on into our discord and ask about joining - https://discord.gg/ePZvHQQ


Guild: The Church of Ratterday Saints
Tag: RAT
Guild Info: no
Guild's Purpose: chaos
Recruiting Yes/No: no
Majority of Guilds time zone: american, all time zones
How to JOIN: dont suck, dont be a douche, be able to contribute something, be trustworthy but scandalous


Guild: Exile Company
Tag: To be confirmed
Guild info: Although primarily a PvP guild in our past iterations (I-C guild on Europa, Drachenfels and Rel Por 2), we're going to be an 'everything' guild here. Focusing on PvM, PvP, crafting, and light-RP. We're basing our guild idea around being a mercenary company, which fits nicely with the lore that Lenz has posted. At present our benefactor and employer is the king of Cambria. This may change... We'll be looking to actively engage with and support the RP community.
Recruiting: Maybe. We've taken on some new people already, our first new members in 10 years.
Majority timezone: GMT (EST +5)
How to join: Contact clx in Discord to discuss - if you're interested in group rather than personal achievements.


Guild : Mighty $ Guild

Tag : to be advised

Guild Info : Mighty $ Guild is a small group of dedicated gamers previously from other UO servers (under the guild tags of $/POWER/VANQ) have decided to set foot on UO OUTLANDS. Our aim is to dominate and enjoy ALL END GAME CONTENT while maintaining a balance of gameplay and long term well being of UO OUTLANDS

Guild's Purpose: To Dominate ALL END GAME CONTENT

Guild recruiting : Only by invitation

Majority Timezone : We play 25 hrs a day 8 days a week throughout the year.

How to join : Kindly Contact Bobby123 on discord
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Guild: Manifest Destiny

Tag: [MFD]

Guild Info: A dedicated group of guys that have been playing for years. We are very knowledgeable of the base game and are excited to learn about the new things outlands has in store. If you are looking for a chill group of people that play both hardcore and casually give me a PM!

Guild's Purpose: Small scale PvP, get rich together, own lots of land, be known throughout the server

Recruiting Yes/No: YES

Majority of Guilds time zone: Central Daylight Time

How to JOIN: Message me here on the forums, we will use discord as well. Anyone is welcome to join, casual or hardcore.


Guild: HERO
Guild Info: All Styles, Organized PvP, PvM , Anti PK network, Be different be the good guys
Guild's Purpose: Strong sense of community for all styles, and offer support to server as protectors
Recruiting Yes/No: Yes
Majority of Guilds time zone: Split NA /EU
How to JOIN: Contact [Hero]Akasha in Outlands discord or PM here



Guild: Sink or Swim

Tag: [SoS]

Guild Info: Message Fuji Flu#5318 on Discord with any questions.

Guild's Purpose: Our purpose is to work collectively to achieve multiple goals including:
~PvP and faction struggles
We will collectively decide which faction to join when the time comes.
~Economy, trade, and crafting
Crafters are welcome, We have vendor houses!
~Bosses and farming
~Nautical adventures and treasure/resource maps
~Guild prestige
~Above all, we will maintain a friendly, fun, and active Outlands community

Recruiting Yes/No: We are currently recruiting!!

Majority of Guilds time zone: CST, EST

How to JOIN: Message Fuji Flu#5318 on Discord
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Guild: Eat more vegetables
Tag: EmV
Guildinfo: pvm and pvp
Guilds purpose: hunt end game content while pvping
Time zone: central us
How to join: find any EmV member in game


Guild: The Minoc Syndicate
Tag: [Syn]
Guild's Purpose: The Syndicate is directed by an elusive and mysterious power. The group consists of a diverse group of secretive members who have agreed to work with one another toward a common, but still unrevealed goal.
Recruiting Yes/No: No
Majority of Guilds time zone: US nighttime’s
How to JOIN: Must be willing to abandon all previous UO social norms, follow directions accurately, complete 45 minute critical thinking exam, attend in game RP’d spiritual counseling session, first and last months rent due on signing.


Guild: Undead

Tag: Dead

Guildinfo: PVP and PVM

Guilds purpose: Primarily PKing as evil undead, but we also run blue mages for PVM.
We run characters with the look of the dead, either through gray/white/green skin and white hair or through Undead or bone masks.

Recruiting: Yes, message me if interested.

Time zone: central us

How to join: Message me and we can meet. If you're cool, chill, and play at night then you have a good chance.

We have a solid set up for getting people to GM combat skills in good time, if you're struggling. Happy to help.
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Cambrian Free Company


Guild Info

Guild's Purpose
Solo player who doesn't want to be completely alone?
Want to keep playing on your own terms,
while joining a loose social group to hang out with, chat with,
or simply listen in on from time to time?
Come on into the Cambrian Free Company [CFC],
a community offering companionship and mutual assistance
for solo and mostly-solo players.​

Recruiting Yes/No
Currently not recruiting

Majority of Guilds time zone

How to JOIN
Seek us out on Discord​
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Black Market Merchants image.png

Guild: Black Market Merchants

Tag: B^M

Guild Info: https://discord.gg/U8vp8Fb

Guild's Purpose: We are the Black Market, the ones that are working to control the economy's rarity value and seize control of the best vendor houses on the market. We will supply you the needs to wage warfare, adventure in the wild, and craft the marvelous. We are a LitRP guild that caters to all types of play even those that don't RP.

Recruiting Yes/No: Yes

Majority of Guild's time zone: We accept all times of play.

How to JOIN: You can start your application process by joining the discord. In order to get accepted there are a few requirements that must be met before being accepted.


Guild: The Church of Ratterday Saints
Tag: RAT
Guild Info: no
Guild's Purpose: chaos
Recruiting Yes/No: no
Majority of Guilds time zone: american, all time zones
How to JOIN: dont suck, dont be a douche, be able to contribute something, be trustworthy but scandalous

You're not the ol' Fenix from Pacfic by anychance?