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UO: Outlands Guild List


Guild: chumbucket and Associates
Tag: [cA]
Guild Info: A guild of bards.
Guild's Purpose: The guild has two purposes. First, its existence allows me to demote Franz to ever lower ranks within the guild. Second, a number of players have said to us that they would like to be hit in the face by ten arrows at once. We only seek to give the people what they want.
Recruiting Yes/No: No.
Majority of Guilds time zone: The far-flung regions of the world.
How to JOIN: We are not recruiting at the moment, as far as I know. When we are, you will be first to know!

Sir Arch


Tag: rekt

Guild Info: family oriented guild, PVE

Guild's Purpose: to do as we please, have fun with family and friends.

Recruiting Yes/No: Yes

Majority of Guilds time zone: 6-12pm eastern time United States (roughly)

How to JOIN: Msg Silverback/Sir Arch on discord-- Contact any rekt member in game.

Derek Lumbar

Guild: The Blackstone Company
Tag: [TBC]
Guild Info: RP heavy, PvM, PvP
Guild's Purpose: "Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory." The Blackstone Company is an RP-heavy mercenary guild that engages in all aspects of game play. We value storytelling over skill, and creativity over conquest. If you are on Outlands looking for a group of quality roleplayers to adventure with and grow the legend of your character, we welcome you whether you are a fighter, crafter, or general lay-about.
Recruiting: Yes
Majority of Guilds time zone: UK/EU
How to Join: Website / Join our Discord / Contact Armitage Shanks#7063



Guild: Amyr
Tag: Amyr
Guild Info: Merchants' guild for traders, crafters, and professionals. Light roleplaying is entirely optional.
Guild's Purpose: The greater good
Recruiting Yes/No: Yes
Majority of Guilds time zone: EST
How to JOIN: https://discord.gg/H9VyVEZ


Guild: EVIL
Guild Info: Fun guild of friends looking to make more friends so if your tired of the rage and toxic players come join.
Recruiting Yes/No: YES
Majority of Guilds time zone:pST-EST
How to JOIN: DM Zerocrumlark#6715 or Lunatic#3922



Guild: Story Farmers
Tag: SF
Guild Info: Group of longtime gaming friends
Guild's Purpose: Our purpose is to "farm stories" in UO that we can tell each other and laugh about.
Recruiting Yes/No: No
Majority of Guilds time zone: Eastern
How to JOIN: Would require being vouched for by an existing member.
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Guild: Avadonian Order of Knights
Tag: AOoK
Guild Info: https://discord.gg/kEDpjNf
Guild's Purpose: For a unique, fun and CHALLENGING way to play Ultima Online, why not try putting the R back into RPG? We are a 100% full on Role Playing guild with a very unique theme - we hate and detest all users of magic! We're RP-PVP oriented.
Recruiting Yes/No: Yes
Majority of Guilds time zone: Eastern Time Zone
How to JOIN: Join our discord channel or PM me
Guild: The Red Cross


Guild Info: Guild page here.

Guild's Purpose: We bring aid to the suffering and lost. We roam Avadon spreading hope and love to those in desperate need. Should you find yourself in need, seek salvation and we will appear. We care not for your past transgressions. Whether you a murderer, a criminal, or a pious saint; our love knows no bounds. We wish only to spread the word and help those in need. We are wandering healers. We are saints among sinners. We are The Red Cross.

The Red Cross is a role-playing (RP) guild on UOO and we are recruiting. We welcome those who would like to join as a healer or people who want to make use of our services. We will help players (new and veterans) when they are dead in a dungeon, being griefed by a trolls, bit off more than they can chew with a monster, or generally need help. We have a D I S C O R D channel that serves as our “help line”. If you need help, join the channel and ask! If one of us is around, we will!

Recruiting Yes/No: Yes

Time Zone: Eastern

How to JOIN: Join our discord channel or PM me


Guild: The [ORE]ganization
Tag: [ORE]
Guild Info: Miners doing what miners do.
Guild's Purpose: Mine ore, sell ingots, get rich.
Recruiting Yes/No: Yes
Majority of Guilds time zone: EST
How to JOIN: If you need to ask, you didn't make the cut.