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Using ClassicUO on Outlands & FAQ

Ace Mason

First Up: What is ClassicUO?
ClassicUO is an open source implementation of the Ultima Online Classic Client. This client is intended to emulate client versions and older and is primarily tested against Ultima Online free shards based on RunUO and ServUO. This client will not work on the official game shards.

The client is currently under heavy development but is functional. The code is based on the FNA-XNA framework. C# is chosen because there is a large community of developers working on Ultima Online server emulators in C#, because FNA-XNA exists and seems reasonably suitable for creating this type of game, and because the game is inexpensive enough to run that performance is not a major concern.

ClassicUO is natively cross platform and supports:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
The code itself has been written using the following projects as a reference:
Outlands Launcher Method
With the release of Alpha 5 Jaedan has now put ClassicUO on the Outlands Launcher. This will give users a quick and easy way to download and play Outlands with ClassicUO.

1. Launch the Outlands Patch Launcher and click on "Verify"
2. Your patcher should download updated files and reload.
3. You will now see and icon for ClassicUO on the launcher screen.
4. The latest release on the launcher is [ Alpha 11 - ]


New Method - Developer Preview
Quick has created a pretty easy way for testers to update to the newest Developer Previews of both ClassicUO and Razor. Its not "one-click" but its about as easy as you can get for a dev preview. This method uses Windows PowerShell to download & extract the files, then prompts you to input all the server information. THERE WILL BE BUGS WHEN USING THIS VERSION

1. Open Windows Explorer, and create a new folder for you install (ie: C:\ClassicUO) - I suggest a separate folder from your Outlands Launcher install
2. Open a PowerShell prompt to that folder (from Explorer, hold down-shift and right click and use "Open PowerShell window here") and execute the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(
3. If this is your first time installing ClassicUO with Razor, you will be prompted to enter some ClassicUO configuration values
Host/IP: play.uooutlands.com
Port: 2593
Ultima Online File Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online 
***this is the default for Outlands, if you changed your install location, put it here.***
Client Version:
4. (Optional) Copy your existing Razor Profiles & Macros folders to the new location, also copy over counters.xml

Here is a video tutorial for the Powershell method.

You can still use the [old] manual method (archived below), but the launcher should be much easier for everyone from this point forward.

What to do if you find a bug?
There are a couple different ways you can report bugs.
1. Look in the Outlands Discord [ http://discord.uooutlands.com/ ] for the #ClassicUO channel. You can post bugs, or screenshots regarding any issues you encounter.
2. You can join the ClassicUO Discord [ https://discord.gg/NMWhH9d ] and submit bugs the same way.
3. You can log into Github and create a bug ticket [ https://github.com/andreakarasho/ClassicUO/issues ].

NOTE: The more information you can give regarding the situation surrounding the bug, the easier it is for the developers to fix. If there was a crash log, copy and paste that into the message as well. You can find the log files, named by date and time in [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands ClassicUO\Logs ]. When you are pasting the logs in discord, please paste them like this
Using the 3 tildes (use shift + the key next to 1) before and after the crash log will add a type of quote level that is easier to read.


Please support the developers and thank them for their tireless work, that they do for the love of the UO community.

A BIG thanks goes out to KaRaShO' and Jaedan for spearheading this project.
The development team of Applejuice, Degelo, Floyd, Fwiffo, Lux, Scotty, zolter.
The consultant team of DreadLordChase, JimmyTheHand, Punkte, Quick, Vospire.
And everyone else that has tested, submitted commits, commented, or brainstormed to move this project forward.

You can find the main Github page here [ https://github.com/andreakarasho/ClassicUO ]
You can find the ClassicUO wiki here [ https://github.com/andreakarasho/ClassicUO/wiki ]
You can donate here [
https://www.paypal.me/muskara ]
Update 3/10/19: Alpha 3 Release
Update 3/16/19: Alpha 4 Release & Donate link
Update 3/27/19: Alpha 5 Release
Update 3/31/19: Updated instructions with Outlands Launcher
Update 4/25/19: Alpha 8 on launcher
Update 5/13/19: Added Developer Preview Install Instructions
Update 7/7/19: Alpha 11 on launcher
Update 7/7/19: Video link added for Powershell
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I resize my game window?
There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Drag the corner of the game window to your desired size.

drag resize.gif

2. Input your desired settings in the Options > Video Settings
You can also lock your screen size to prevent resizing by dragging, or moving the gameplay window around the screen.

type resize.gif

Forgive the ghosting at the end, that's from the screen recorder and not the client

Can I zoom in with ClassicUO?
You can "Enable in game zoom scaling" under Options > Video
To zoom, just use your mouse wheel
You can also "Save scale after close client" to save your zoom level.


How do I reset my zoom level?
You can set a hotkey to go back to the default zoom level

reset zoom.gif

Can I use Steam with ClassicUO?
Short Answer: No

Long Answer: No. The developer of Steam has never released the source code so we cannot support the assistant. Multiple people have tried to contact him through different means that have been found on the internet, but no one (to our knowledge) has received a response.

How do I save my Razor profiles when updating to the newest release?
Your Razor profile(s) shouldn't be overwritten, unless you only use the default profile. If that's the case, follow these directions.

You can simply copy your Razor profiles folder to your desktop, and then paste it back into you Assistant folder after you extract the new files from the zip.
  1. Go to your Assistant folder in your ClassicUO install directory [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands ClassicUO\Data\Plugins\Assistant ] and copy your [ Profiles ] folder to your desktop.
  2. Now extract the contents of the new .zip file into your ClassicUO install directory [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands ClassicUO ] overwriting all the files.
  3. Copy your [ Profiles ] folder back into the [ Assistant ] folder.

How do I get Razor to display counters in the title bar?
The current Razor port and CUO cannot display anything in the title bar.

However we now have in game counters. You can see how they work here

Update 3/10/19: Added saving Razor Profiles & Enabling Razor Agents
Update 3/16/19: Note for Razor Agents not working properly
Update 3/30/19: Added Help for Ulitma.dll error
Update 7/24/19: Deleted some outdated information and added new questions


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How to Download and Install ClassicUO - Manual Method
1. Head over to the development Github and download the latest release .zip file.
2. Open the .zip folder and extract to a location of your choosing. I chose [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands ClassicUO ]
3. Copy and paste the following information into a new text document and save it as [ settings.json ] in your ClassicUO folder.

NOTE: The only thing you may need to change is the Outlands UO folder. I have the default install location listed, but if you changed the install path, you'll need to change that in settings.json.
"username": "",
"password": "",
"ip": "play.uooutlands.com",
"port": 2593,
"ultimaonlinedirectory": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Outlands Ultima Online",
"clientversion": "",
"lastcharactername": "",
"lastservernum": 1,
"login_fps": 60,
"debug": false,
"profiler": true,
"preload_maps": false,
"saveaccount": false,
"autologin": false,
"reconnect": false,
"reconnect_time": 0,
"login_music": false,
"login_music_volume": 2,
"shard_type": 2,
"fixed_time_step": true
4. Run ClassicUO.exe and ENJOY!

NOTE: Running it as admin is the preferred start up method.

Update 3/31/19: Archived Manual install method.
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If updating I just replace the files (unzip and copy/paste over the other files) for the last few upgrades instead of starting over, that normally ok?


How to test classicuo DEV

a. download the latest artifact (refreshes with every update code commit often multiple times a day):
-do not extract yet!

b. copy and make a backup of your classicUO folder, for example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\ClassicUO

copy/make backup as:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\ClassicUO_DEV

c. right click the zip download and click properties then unblock (always unblock before extracting)
- then extract the files or within the zip COPY them

d. paste these over your DEV folder files:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\ClassicUO_DEV

e. launch ClassicUO directly from your backup:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\ClassicUO_DEV\ClassicUO.exe

f. patching UO Outlands (verify etc): this will reset your standard classicuo folder back to the latest alpha milestone (non-dev). However it will not effect your backup ClassicUO_DEV folder.