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Free Paragon Chest Opening Service

Great dude. We failed to meet over the span of a few days and he reached out to me every time he was available to meet up. Opened my chests and gave me the phat loots! 11/10 would let open chests again.
I open lesser paragons, paragons and greater paragon chests for free, tips are welcome af. The only thing I ask in return is that you confirm that I've got TEGRIDY in this thread.

I'm knuws in Discord.


Q: Why do you do this for free?
A: I just don't give a damn.

Q: What is TEGRIDY?
A: It's what you don't have if you "forget" to say something nice about me in this here thread.

Q: What if you're at work and I need a chest opened real darn bad?
A: Talk to bartimus in Discord and check out his thread here. He's a cool cat and has proven himself to be trustworthy.

Q: What if I can't get ahold of either one of you guys?
A: I guess you'll have to go with valor80, sorry. His thread is here.
U know it. Appreciate the mention. Just met you in forums and that is pretty cool!