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In Exile, we sometimes find ourselves.. (Kael'm Randi)

It had been many moons since Kael'm Randi had found the thrill of a meaningful fight, since he'd frequented a tavern, since he'd had purpose... The Exile Company had been all encompassing, the morning drills, regular jobs, actual payments, oh the beauty in the color of gold, and spending that gold at the local taverns across the lands.. It was a soldiers life, a hard life, not always on the right side of the law, but it was a life he had hoped would last forever, but alas all good things come to pass, as did the Exile Company... The jobs dried up, the purpose was lost, the company got ansy.. They had needed a purpose to hold them together, they were soldiers from different walks of life, and soldiers never did well when they weren't on campaign, when they didn't have a purpose.. Eventually the day came and the company parted ways.. Stubborn and with no where pressing on his mind, Kael'm lingered.. He didn't shake the companies colors, couldn't let up on the drills, but the gold dried up... as such so did the frequent travels to to the tavern.. Without distraction of war and ale, Kael'm had far too much time to think, and he'd thought often on where his life had ended up, why he'd accepted the things he'd done.. And he'd come to the conclusion that he'd been in self exile for some time now, trying to come to terms with who he'd become..

That morning as he traveled through the streets of Andaria, something felt different, something was different.. The people weren't walking freely, they stood in the shadows, they whispered harshly to one another.. Rumors of war were not uncommon, Avadon was a land full of competing factions, one of mercenary bands, orcs, power struggles, and strife.. But this didn't have the feel of war, not in the traditional sense.. This was something more.. This was something that had the local populace watching over their backs, hurrying off the streets.. He had heard of the recent intrusions of the orc clans, the kidnappings, the killings.. And he'd heard the rumblings of wars near Prevalia, of mercenary companies picking sides for the right sums of gold.. But that was common talk, this was definitely something different..

Drifting to the shadows, under the guise of magery, Kael'm made a point of listening in on some of the hurried conversation.. The local populace feared for their lives, occupancy didn't concern them, but rumors of rampant murders, pickpockets, thieves, criminal activities had reached their ears.. And it had finally happened, it had struck right on the outskirts of Andaria itself, a local resident, not only run down, but gutted, left with nothing, not even the clothes on their back, the unguarded distance between the moongate, and the town.. To the local populace it seemed this was a statement that no one was safe anymore... And if Kael'm was being honest, he'd been jumped 3 times recently, traveling from Andaria to his home just outside the walls, things were getting pretty grim..

This left Kael'm with a lot to think about.. he lacked purpose, purpose was needed for survival... he lacked companionship, in a time when even the hardiest soldier dare not travel alone.. He lacked a home, something to look forward to at the end of a campaign, somewhere to leave his mark, his legacy.. He lacked a Path.. A Path to walk down, a Path to keep him on the straight and narrow.. That morning he'd come to a decision, it was time to seek out that group he'd heard about to the south.. He'd heard people were living a good life there, a busy life, they stood up for one another, they stood up for what was right, what was just.. It was time to atone for what his life had become, to lend his magic, not to the highest bidder in the aim of fortunes, but to a purpose, a just, and rightful purpose..

Packing up some necessities, and gearing up for travel, Kael'm headed out the next morning at first light, at a hurried walk.. He was bristling with a need to do more in life, to be more in life, he wasn't going to waste anymore time..
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It was an interesting journey fraught with many perils to say the least, starting with just outside the Andaria gates, when he stumbled across an angry ghost, furthering his resolve that it was time to take action.

The rebel camp was not much help in pointing him on his way, they attacked immediately, apparently having been raided recently had their hackles up..

Prevalia was not without it's challenges as well, thankfully as he dipped into his pockets, Kael'm remembered he had little gold to be wagered, but what a fine looking establishment it was...

The streets were devoid of many travellers, a true sign of the evils that were ravaging the land...

Even the churches did not maintain their former glory...

But alas as Kael'm traveled further south, he began to notice some people who were not cowering in their homes, going about their daily work.. A sign that there was some fight left in the world, somewhere one could make a stand... Stopping for directions, while leary, the local lumberjack hearing his plight of a new found purpose, pointed him where he was looking for...

And there he found his first sign, he was headed in the right direction... he'd heard the secret to the finest spirits in the land, was the living water that plagued the village, and here was a windmill, along with living water attacking it... could this truly be it?


It would not be long before the village tracker Strider, would find Kael'm, and after a hearty meal, and long discussions, Kael'm knew he was where the next stage of his life would play out.. That evening as the group known as the Pathfinders were setting out on Patrol, Kael'm was more than a little giddy for the first time in a long time... He'd found a home, and a purpose... He'd joined with the Pathfinders..



** Year: 617 AC **

It had only been a short time since Kael'm Randi had joined the Pathfinders, when he'd made the pilgrimage from Andaria, down to the town of Haven. The early days he'd had a renewed vigor for training, his soldiering life taking over, he ran drills, practiced his mage craft, honed his skills, so he wouldn't be a disappointment on the field, even though he knew his new brethren would never voice it.

Early on there were several excursions into dungeons with his new allies, and short patrols around Haven, keeping the trading cusp safe, with few trained fighters we were unable to range far. But his pilgrimage in 616 AC, still weighed heavily on his mind, Andaria had issues, and he still had holdings there... Reports of murders, and thieving were constant, and upon taking a trip late in 617 AC to Andaria proper, he ran into a force of orcs, just outside the city walls.. With Haven just being secured, it was too much to ask of his new allies, so Kael'm left it from his reports upon his return, events later in the year would prove this was a mistake, one his allies paid for dearly.


With the events of his trip weighing heavily on his mind, Kael'm made other mistakes, which left him contemplating the virtues, an act he hoped would lead him to the right decisions in the future.. The Pathfinders however did not hold it against him, as always they were light and full of fun..


Late in the year of 617 AC, Kael'm responded to a call from his allies in Nusero, they were being invaded by orcs. Upon arriving at the scene Kael'm recognized some of the attackers as the orcs who attacked him in Andaria, but had arrived too late as, the castle had been sacked, and the orcs were running back to whence they came in the dungeon. Later he'd read a full accounting of the tale from a Knights Report.


** Year 618 AC **

As fate would have it, early in the year 618 AC, Kael'm would cross paths with the orcs once more, this time with the full support of his allies behind him. Trackers had followed the orcs out of Nusero, back to a newly erected orc fort, and the Pathfinders and their allies planned and executed a raid, to recover the Knights stolen goods. There were heavy casualties on both sides, however ultimately his allies were victorious, yet only emerged with some of the stolen goods.


Later in the year, in what scholars have agreed must have been in retaliation (despite not being able to agree on their intelligence), the orcs were spotted in Haven. It seemed as though they had their own trackers, and unfortunately Haven's safety was been put into question.. While the orcs were pushed back that day, it was only the first of many small raids, and skirmishes that would occur as the conflicts with what had come to be known as the Bloodrock clan of orcs began to increase.


Throughout the remainder of the year Kael'm traveled to other parts of Avadon in response to calls from his allies, where epic battles beyond his scope of imagination often occurred, where he often felt he was but a grain of sand in a vast desert, yet people fought with hope, and life, it left Kael'm with that feeling of purpose he desperately had needed.

** Year 619 AC **

This year saw the emergence of the Ranger Corps, a path within the Pathfinders guild, to help combat both the growing orc horde, and criminal intrusions across trade routes in Avadon, that were impacting the stability and success of Haven. They would range forth from Haven solo, or in a group, tracking criminal elements, and putting an end to them, and as the group grew, they begin to patrol and reach from Cambria, through all of Avadon to Andaria. It wasn't until later that Kael'm Randi learned in the previous raid on the orc fort, the first Rangers were amongst them, and they'd recovered a history of how Haven came to be amongst the stolen goods.


Kael'm had been a mercenary for most of his life, soldiering was the only thing he had known, the years had been great since joining up with the Pathfinders, he had found brothers & sistesr, and he had found his fill of soldiering. When Kael'm had first heeded the call of the factions, for it was in the thrill of warefare that he found his most inner peace, he had fought for Freedom, but with his new brothers & sisters standing shoulder to shoulder, they now fought for Order. The affairs of Order & Chaos were bloody, with heavy casualties on both sides, yet the fights continue to rage daily in Prevalia, and beyond to all of Avadon.


However Kael'm who upon coming to Haven had found purpose, was starting to question what exactly that purpose meant for him. His months were filled with soldiering, between factions and the continued Bloodrock wars of 619 AC, and months lead into years, and he'd fallen into the same old routine, train, respond, fight... train, respond, fight..


Determined not to be trapped in the cycle, Kael'm starting paying attention to Strider, and the other Rangers.. He watched when they scoured the earth, when they picked up a broken branch, caught a scent in the air, taking note of the direction of the wind, how they were able to discern the location of the enemy. He learned the ways of the tracker, of a Ranger and when there wasn't a Ranger to patrol with, he began to set out on his own Patrols, with the intent to keep the people safe.

Later in the year, Kael'm's hard work bore fruition, as Strider, the first Ranger, in a super secret ceremony that we are unable to share, welcomed him officially into the Ranger Corps. Kael'm soon began his own regular patrol routes from Haven, through Southern Prevalia, to Andaria, focused not just on hunting criminal elements, but finding innocents, and ensuring they were safe, and they knew they had someone looking out for them. His plan was to foster hope, in order to bring peace back to his former home of Andaria.