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Society Rewards, Part 2!

It's been another week, so new Society jobs are available. After completing my maximum of 10 jobs on two of my accounts, I'm ready to showcase a couple more goodies. The rewards are getting VERY expensive now though, so I can't afford many, and it may be several weeks before I can test more. But for now, here you go!

Mask Dye (in this case, Tradesman Union):

tradesman union mask dye.gif

Backpack Dye (in this case, Artificer Enclave):

artificer backpack dye.gif

That's it. That's all. I know you want more, but you'll just have to wait! :p See you around!
Corrupted Shrine Solo!

"Once per day, at a randomized time, one virtue shrine in the world will become Corrupted"

Corrupted Shrines were patched in 8 June of this year, read all about them here: Corrupted Shrine Patch

While I've done Corrupted Shrines before, it's never been solo; wanted to test the feasibility. (though I doubt you will ever get the chance, as popular as Outlands is going to be after all :) )

Here are my notes/thoughts:

Many of the Shrines are on Islands, or in hard-to -get-to places, so you'll need a means. In my case, I opted to hike (though Camping wasn't ideal in my build). Not long after launch, there should be runes, so recalling would be best. If hiking to a Corrupted Shrine is your option, use caution as you will hike right into the thick of it!

As outlined in the patch notes, you will face waves of mobs before the final boss. I found the mobs fairly reasonable to deal with, as long as you keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed, and you pay attention (some mobs have AoE that can catch you off guard). The Corrupted Shrines I've encountered so far allow for some maneuvering room, and if you are able to run far enough from the Shrine itself, the mobs/boss will bounce back to the Shrine, leaving you to heal and regroup.

The Bosses thus far have been significant. They have a ton of HP and hit like tanks. Some cause bleed, some tangle you up, and some have AoE that makes them virtually unapproachable. Most spawn some sort of minion support while you are fighting them, so be prepared. The screenshot below was taken long into the fight, and though it seems they are really low on health, it took probably another 15 minutes or so to finally kill it!



loot bags.PNG

shrine loot.PNG

Parting thoughts:
- You can rez at the shrine itself, which allows you access to your nearby corpse.
**EDIT: You can NO LONGER rez at a corrupted shrine (at least at the Ank), as noted in a recent Patch.
- The Hiding Skill is still one of the most important Skills on the tree, and makes many things possible, including killing Bosses!
- I'm not sure, but I believe the prize tokens (anks) can be stolen/looted, so get to a safe place after the battle.

Good Luck!:D
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Vendor Buy!

While I did Solo another Corrupted Shrine today, it's late and I'm too tired to post my write-up. But I CAN leave you with a little shortcut that might make someone's life a little easier! :D

While this game has been out for 20 years now, there are still some mechanics folks might not know about, or have forgotten about.

Like this one here:

vendor buy.gif

You don't have to actually go INTO a shop to buy/sell merchandise from vendors. Using the CTRL + SHIFT keys, you can bring up the vendor's "bars." As long as they are close enough, clicking on the bar will bring up their buy/sell window. This is especially helpful in crowded shops, or it might just be more convenient to stay on the street you were running down and conduct a quick drive-by transaction.

Hope this helps someone, thanks for looking!
Vendor Buy!

While I did Solo another Corrupted Shrine today, it's late and I'm too tired to post my write-up. But I CAN leave you with a little shortcut that might make someone's life a little easier! :D

While this game has been out for 20 years now, there are still some mechanics folks might not know about, or have forgotten about.

Like this one here:

View attachment 305

You don't have to actually go INTO a shop to buy/sell merchandise from vendors. Using the CTRL + SHIFT keys, you can bring up the vendor's "bars." As long as they are close enough, clicking on the bar will bring up their buy/sell window. This is especially helpful in crowded shops, or it might just be more convenient to stay on the street you were running down and conduct a quick drive-by transaction.

Hope this helps someone, thanks for looking!
Funny how many people never knew about this, let alone dragging entire piles using just the shift key. I remember a guy on Catskills from "Citizens On Patrol" that could outloot anybody.
TMap Treasure Hunter Creation, Let's Go!

Ok, most of you who've seen my builds know I lean more toward "fun" than "practical." But you see, I'm that player who just enjoys playing the game more than winning it. I don't have to have the best DPS, or the most tanky tank, or the wickedest glass-cannon mage ever invented; so Outlands is the perfect setting for me (with every skill having at least a semi-desirable purpose).

With that in mind, I thought I'd build a Treasure Hunter from scratch. I will give you a bit of background on my build, and follow up with a bunch of screenshots. I am at the stage of "Transition," so thought it would be a good time to start this train. Read on!

Lacking real friends, I like to summon my own. :p As such, I wanted to start summoning as soon as possible, and with Spirit Speak, even Circle-5 Summons make for pretty good companions. So I started my guy with the following Skills:

Spirit Speak-1

If you are going to "custom" create your character, always... ALWAYS choose three skills so you can maximize the amount of beneficial new-player gear you start out with. This setup guarantees me three +10 Intelligence Stones, as well as a 750-charge spell stone. The spell stone is invaluable in the beginning, as instead of using reagents, you use charges on the stone (i.e. a Circle-3 spell would burn 3 charges, etc.) You will need this boost so you can save enough gold to sustain your reagent requirements later.

With my new-player certificate (100 training credits), I purchased 50 Forensics Skill Points, and 50 Camping Skill Points. For an early player collecting hides, the extra carry weight that Camping gives you is a blessing, and if you are diligent with your camping, the damage buff can really help.

For some odd reason, starting with Spirit Speak doesn't give you the Magic Lock spell, which is required to access your Spirit Stone, so my first gold went toward buying one from the NPC Mage. After that, gold for a Skinning Knife (for Forensics) and Hatchet (so I could chop some logs for kindling to get my Camping going). Finally, I purchased the Summon Creatures and a couple more Spirit Stones and I was set.

I must make a note here that I highly recommend beginning mages not just focus on Magery... you really can't. It's too expensive, and in the beginning is just not strong enough. You should start with a newby weapon... put it to use. Get those fighting skills up; they can always be down-arrowed later to make room for other skills.

I started out in the New Player Dungeon on Shelter Island, and after just over 3 hours, had maxed enough skills at 70 to move on. As a reminder, while the New Player Dungeon has permanent 10x experience in place for non-gathering, non-crafting, non-taming skills, it is capped at 70. Fighting there, at least for skill gain, after 70 is pointless. So off to a real dungeon I went!

Trouble is... while Ossuary is the next logical progression in terms of difficulty... it is clear across a very dangerous desert! So I opted instead for Aegis Keep, which is just a stone's throw from Horseshoe Bay. I hopped the gate, and was on my way.

Long story short, I just kept fighting there on Level 1 with my Circle-5 Summons at my side. Whenever I would get over 1k gold, I would high-tail it to town and deposit what I found. Once I was able to Mark runes, my life got simpler. I stayed in that dungeon for about 15 hours; until I had several skills over 90, and a good amount of gold in the bank. Which is important because....

I mentioned "Transition" early in my story up there; here's what I mean. Currently, many of my Skills are doing great, and have taken me a bit of work to get there. Well... I'm going to have to scrap three of them! Like, going to NPC trainers and purchasing three completely new skills. That is 150 skill points suddenly drained from some of my best skills... and it will leave me with pretty much no fighting skills other than 70 Skill Magery and Summons. There are reasons:

I want my final build to look something like this:

Magery (for summons and spell casting)
Meditate (for more summons and spell casting)
Spirit Speak (for bigger, better summons, stronger spells, and chance to reclaim mana on cast)
Hiding (for when I get into trouble and need to shake agro)
Lockpicking (for opening chests)
Remove Trap (for not dying while attempting to open chests)
Mining (the higher my mining skill, the further I can be from the chest to "discover" it)

Ok, that was really long. Sorry about that! Here are some screens of my progress thus far:

*Note: while I did have a Spirit Speak/Hiding macro running most of the time, this is all ACTIVE gains. I was not sitting in one place just macroeing.

Leaving the New Player Dungeon

leaving newb dungeon.PNG

Six Hours:

Bloo 6hrs.PNG

Eight hours:

Bloo 8hrs.PNG

Ten hours (tactics looks like it went down because I'm holding a magic mace):

Bloo 10hrs.PNG

Twelve hours (I'm losing tactics for real now because I had to sacrifice a skill for progression):


Sixteen hours:

Bloo 16hrs.PNG

18 hours:

Bloo transition1.PNG

I am now at the point I will need to drop several fighting skills in favor of Lockpicking, Remove Trap, and Mining. I will maintain the best skills I can, but they will slowly be drained as I progress in the other areas. I am currently almost Skill 70 in Magery, So "Real" summoning can begin happening soonish... hopefully not DAYS... but we'll see!

Here is my notable loot so far. Again, ALL of this is just from farming without any help from Beta resources at all.
*Note, I have NO idea what is in the Paragon Chest, but will find out once my LP/RT skills are high enough!

loot book thunter.PNG
Loot bags phase 1.PNG

I will update this thread again once I've made significant progress on my Treasure Hunter, probably when he pulls his first chest. Thanks for looking, and Happy Adventuring!
Ya, but it doesn't seem bad because the loot's pretty decent. It's all rising at the same time too (Macing could have risen more sharply, but half the time I was standing back throwing spells, etc.) Also, some time spent traveling between the Dungeon and town because I didn't want to lose too much to PKs (usually traveled to town once I'd farmed between 1k and 2k gold... or if I looted a rare item.) Overall, I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with skill progression considering my play style. :)
TMap Treasure Hunter Build, Continued!

Sixteen "Active" hours ago I switched my Treasure Hunter from "Phase 1" to "Phase 2," dropping some early skills for those intended for my final build (those being Lockpicking, Remove Trap, and Mining). I think I am at the point where I would like to try to dig up some Level 2 and Level 3 chests... either that or I am really sick of scratching away at dungeon chests and need some fresh air! :p

I carried with me a Lockpick Training Box everywhere I went (purchased from the local Tinker), and had a RT/LP macro running in the background whenever I was between chests, or between vendors selling my wares. I'd disable the macro when throwing spells, and when picking other chests, but otherwise had it going all of the time while I adventured. The skill gain from the box is VERY small, especially when compared to the rather generous gains you get from dungeon chests, but I figured every little bit counts!

lp training box.PNG

One note of caution though, this box weighs 100 Stones! Which is why I purchased 50 Camping Skill points (it gives me 100 extra stones carry weight).

*NOTE: This box no longer weighs 100 stones, corrected via patch.

I pretty much confined my lockpicking to a single dungeon (Aegis Keep, Level 1), mainly for consistency, but it was also an easy dungeon to get to for a new character (just North of Horseshoe Bay). The mobs aren't overly tough (though they can overwhelm if you aren't careful), and the loot is pretty decent. Nusero would have been my pick, but at this point in development, is impossible to get to.

My current stats (such as they are LOL):

new stats.PNG

It took me nearly 16 hours of lockpicking in the dungeon to get to 74.3 RT and 67.4 LP (from 50). One of the main reasons I post this info is so you can be prepared. If you thought you were going to make a lockpicker quick and easy... you may be in for a surprise. Just for scientific research, I did set up a lockpicking macro on my training box in town and picked for about 8 hours (which is NOT included in the timer above). I gained about 0.5 skill in each discipline, so for me this is not really an option for skill gain.

Here is a summary of the loot over the past 16 hours:

LP loot bags.PNG
lp book.PNG

Next up: my first TMap with this guy, stay tuned!:D
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You know, this is one of my all time favorite posts of all the forums I've been on. This detailed feedback gives players a great idea of what to expect without having to do extensive testing trying to decide what direction to take. Extra kudos to you!

Side Note: I've always wanted to write guides or document my testing on a forum but the coolest thing I did was post on yours.
Did u recieve the colored hides from chests
I used Forensics on everything I killed, and got the colored hides that way. Several more hours of farming should see me GM. I had to sell hides the first couple of hours so I could afford armor and spells, but saved all of the hide after that.

I've accumulated the following hides so far:

Plain: 17,367
Dull: 156
Shadow: 79
Copper: 73
Bronze: 21
Golden: 27
Rose: 2
No Vere or Vale yet.
TMaps and Treasure, First Pull!

Thought I'd post an update in here as promised on how it went pulling a chest with this "less-than-ready" Treasure Hunter. I do it like this because... well... honestly, any one of us would get out there as soon as possible; no need to endure another 40 hours of farming to GM before trying, right? Right.

So, here it is. With 67 Lockpicking, and 74 Remove Trap, I grabbed one of my Level-3 maps and gave it to my Young Cartographer... who, with his new 50-Skill Cartography, deciphered the map to 14.6% accuracy. Now, that doesn't seem very accurate... and it isn't! But it's the best I could do with a store-bought spyglass. Anyway, it should get me in the general area, and if luck is with me, won't require TOO much digging around to find it.


I recognized the area of the map being somewhere a bit West of the Shelter Island exit, so I grabbed my trusty steed, a sturdy shovel, and made my way into the wilderness.

The base "detection radius" for a TMap is 2 tiles, but Mining Skill can extend that. Since I only have 51 mining, that made it about 3 tiles for me. Still a pretty narrow search pattern, but with no cooldown on the shovel, I just stabbed the ground, moved a couple tiles, stabbed again, etc. I repeated this until I hit paydirt!

Now, I've said it before, use caution here. Unlike other experiences you may have had digging treasure, once you hit the sweet spot, you cannot move. You are stuck there until the digging is done. This is a good piece of information to know if you are in a hostile environment. You dig for about 10 seconds, then about 3 seconds after that, the first wave of Monsters arrives; which gives you enough time to hide or get out of their detection range.

I'd like to illustrate this with the location of a Level 2 map I was going to start with, but found it impossible because of the Monsters occupying the area. If I had accidentally found the digging spot... I would be dead before the chest even broke the surface. I will come back to you little chest, don't worry! :)

first map.PNG

As luck would have it, the final dig spot wasn't far from the pin; woohoo!


Missing in this shot is the bar for a very sneaky Giant Trapdoor Spider. I suspected he would be there so wasn't surprised when he jumped out. Also, all "waves" are themed, based on about 20 different sets of creatures you can encounter. Looks like it's spiders for me this time.

Oh... and this asshole shooting arrows at me... :p

rebel scout.PNG

The blue you see there are my terrifying beasts! My Magery isn't nearly high enough to cast Circle-8 Summons, so I am flanked by a fearsome squad comprised of an Ancient Cow, an Ancient Goat, an Ancient Sand Crab, and I think there might be an Ancient Eagle in there too. God damn if that ain't the thing of nightmares! :p But it got the job done!

Cracked it open!


And catalogued the loot!


And there you have it!

My point is this: you don't have to GM your Treasure Hunter before trying these maps! So get on out there and dig around the over 200 unique treasure locations!

Happy Hunting!
TMaps, a quick note.

As mentioned above, I began digging up chests with my developing Treasure Hunter. My new Cartographer deciphered the maps to 16.4% accuracy. I'm jotting down this quick mention to illustrate what a difference that could be.

Map, deciphered to 16.4% accuracy:


Actual location: you can see it is quite a distance from the pin.

chest 2.PNG

Same map, deciphered to 90% by GM Carto with Valorite Spyglass:


You can see the pin is nearly right on. So, percentage really can matter. I burned through about 15 shovels finding this one (NPC shovels have 100 uses each).

Enjoy! :D
Fishing! Again... :p

With TMaps behind me for now, time for more Fishing!

This time, rather than generating a new character and fishing from the ground-up, I thought I'd make an "end-game" guy with 120 fishing, and special additions to my ship that increase my Special Fishing chance just to see if the Loot will be unbalanced at that level.

First test: 1-hour of fishing in the open water.

fishing loot 1.PNG

Aquarium Fish x6
Lobster x16
Crab x23

Large Raw Fish x12

Seems like a lot to me, but again, this is with a 120-Skill Fisherman (will be very difficult to achieve, and will take a long time), and ship improvements specifically for fishing (which may take a long time to acquire because improvements are loot drops, and you never know what you will get). Might need tweaking... might not :) Time will tell.

More later once I throw some nets in the water, wanted this to be short. Peace! :D
Fishing Results: (4hrs on open water)

Here are the notable items I pulled from the sea on a 4-hour test with a GM Fisherman and some Special Fishing Buffs (ship upgrade, fisherman crewmember, verite pole). At first glance it looks like my Deco Fish (for aquariums and display) pull is a bit too generous, until you consider that the Deco Fish are on a difficulty scaler (meaning, you have a good chance of pulling common ones, and a very low chance of pulling rares).

*Note, several of the Deco Fish in this image were caught earlier... I just wanted to include them so they wouldn't feel left out. Kids... :p


As it stands, I think it's pretty well balanced out.

The real treasure, at least in my eyes, are the Special Fishing Nets. You cast these nets into the water, and you have a chance to catch a sea creature. That sea creature itself has a 25% chance of delivering a MiB (Message in a Bottle), which contains an SoS message you can track down on the sea and pull up. Very good stuff!

I pulled 10 nets in the 4 hours, a pretty good rate for the caliber of fisherman/buffs I was using.

In my next update I will reveal what I find with the nets, stay tuned! :)

Sick of fishing for the moment (shocker...), I grabbed a couple of my Level 2 TMaps that were close together and took a walk. Some folks were wondering about the viability of TMapping (is it worth it?) so thought I'd throw a note in here. :D


The guy I used (my "final build" TMapper) is pretty proficient at finding and picking chests, and dealing with any riffraff that pops up or wanders around. Even so, for Level 2 maps, this area is very dangerous!


I didn't keep the Chest loot separate from the Creature loot; not sure it matters that much because you have to deal with one to get the other anyway, In any case, here it is!


Pulling a "Power" anything is very rare (as you know if you've been playing on Outlands), so to discover this in my bag was a real treat! And over 10k gold... I'd call this a good haul for a couple of low-level TMaps!

So there you have it! Is TMapping on Outlands a viable enterprise? Yep! Until next time! :)