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TMaps, Level 5 and 6!

Pulled up a couple more TMap chests this evening: a Level 5 and a Level 6.

The Level 5 was pretty run-of-the-mill and not a big challenge for my current build. It took about 25 minutes to locate, dig up, deal with the mobs, and loot. My Agapite Trap Tool and Picks were more than a match. I only had to deal with the initial wave, which was elemental-based.


Lvl5 Loot.PNG

The Level 6 though, that one was a bit tougher! I again located the chest pretty quickly, and dispatched the first wave (also Elemental based)... but when I looked at the chest I knew I might have a task ahead of me. Even with GM Remove Trap/Lockpicking, AND Agapite tools, my success was still only 2.5%!

wave 1.PNG

Because it was taking so long to crack this chest, I was hit with a Second Wave; damned Lizardman Monsters this time (and NOT the kind you discover in the New Player Dungeon)! (*Note, I activated traps about a dozen times; make SURE you are prepared to heal through. A couple of traps must have stripped about 400 Hits from me, and one reduced my Healing ability to a sliver of what is should have been. Still another cut my lockpicking success chance in HALF). Be ready! :D


The Level 6 chest took me an Hour and Fifteen minutes to finish. Final tally was worth the effort:

lvl6 treasure.PNG

Level 6 TMap.PNG

Enjoy! :D
TMap Level 7!

Thanks to the generosity of Cam, I was able to complete a Level 7 TMap (the first Level 7 I've seen on Outlands!) Here goes!

Lev7 Map.PNG

First order of business: decoding with Cartography. Success chances are increased by skill and the material of the tool.

100 Cartography Skill and Valorite Spyglass

100cart val.PNG

110 Cartography Skill and Valorite Spyglass

110cart val.PNG

120 Cartography and Valorite Spyglass

120cart val.PNG

120 Cartography and Normal Spyglass

120cart normal.PNG

I should make a note here about using tools created from "special" materials. The more rare the material, the better the tool. HOWEVER: I ended up using Valorite Tools for this dig, which means a Miner with a skill of at least 99 had to have enough spare Valorite to give to a Tinker with at least a 95 Skill, so Valorite tools will certainly NOT be on the market right away.

Final result after deciphering with 120 Cartography skill and Valorite Spyglass:

Lev7 deciphered.PNG

deciphered map.PNG

With 95% accuracy, and a Mining Skill of 100, the chest was easy to find. Lots of Harpys in the way though :p First wave was from the "Horrible Nightmare Poisonous Spider Group"


*Missing from this shot are two more Colossal Trapdoor Spiders... maybe another, I lost count! Ewwwww.....!

And, cleared.

wave1 complete.PNG

Having never attempted a Level 7 chest before, I started with 100 Skill in both Remove Trap and Lockpicking.

100 Skill, Valorite Tools:

100skill val.PNG

110 Skill, Valorite Tools:

110skill val.PNG

120 Skill, Valorite Tools:

120skill val.PNG

With 120 Skill in both Remove Trap and Lockpicking, as well as using Valorite Tools, it didn't take long to crack the chest. I don't think I'd try this chest below 110 Skill.

lev7 open.PNG

completed lev7.PNG

Final Loot: (*That should say Level 7!)


If you look through this list, you will notice the absence of any Power or Vanquishing Weapons, and no Invulnerable or Indestructible Armor. I want to make NOTE of this since we just cracked open probably the highest-level chest most of us will ever see. Please do NOT expect Uber loot here on Outlands, to do so will only wind up with you being disappointed. The highest-level loot is EXTREMELY rare!

The more you know! ;)
MiBs and SoS, the shipping equivalant to TMaps!

A quick rundown on Messages in a Bottle (MiBs). You have a small chance to retrieve a Special Fishing Net while fishing (from shore or from a boat). You can then cast that net into the sea (from a boat), and you have a chance to spawn a creature. There is a 25% chance that creature may have a MiB on them. So, needless to say, it can be quite a job to find a MiB; work and a bit of luck. :)

That MiB will in-turn (when double-clicked), yield an SoS message, which will include coordinates for the emergency. Before heading out, you need a Player-Crafted (or vendor-bought) fishing net, because it is THIS net you will need to throw into the water near the SoS location.

mib to sos.PNG

Once at the location, you have up to 20 retrieval attempts (casts with the net). You are guaranteed to have at least one creature spawn while casting your net (up to a max of 3), and one creature per spawn will have either a Large, Medium, or Small Salvaged Crate on them (this is the real treasure!)

Some locations can be a bit cramped... :p


But when you hit, you usually hit big (so be ready!)

sea serps.gif

The only thing better than the fight is the loot, worth it! (*Yes, that is my corpse. I died. It happens :p )



Four SoS sites, Four Salvaged Crates (I found two Mediums, and 2 Smalls)! :)


And, the final Loot Tally (two Power Weapons in there, I'm satisfied!):

mob loot.PNG




crate 4.PNG

Happy trails! :D
Adventure with the Beard Bros: TMaps and Corrupted Shrine!

Last week, I completed a Lore Book (into which you place deciphered Lore Pages).

lore book.PNG

Once completed, you will receive a Legendarily Drawn Level 8 Treasure Map (I believe the ONLY way you can get a Level 8 map):

level 8 map.PNG

I also had a Level 7 TMap I looted off of a Mini-Boss earlier in the week, so my fellow Beard Brothers and I decided to make an afternoon of it!

Initial spawn, which happened just a few seconds after digging up the chest:

level8 3.PNG

The difficulty level of this chest was INSANE! My picker is 120 Lockpicking/120 Remove Trap and I was using Valorite tools... and still my success percentage was only 7.5%!


And ya, those corpses are MINE! The traps on this chest are NO JOKE and pretty much insta-killed me when I hit a bad one. Here's the first of several on this dig, and only the beginning of many, many deaths to come! :p

level8 4 trap death.PNG

But, we eventually got it cracked open (took about 30 minutes)...

level8 2.PNG

And set the vultures upon it! All things considered, once you get your TMapper up and running, these chests are a GREAT source of loot!

level 8 party.PNG

Afterwards, our party tried our hand at a Corrupted Shrine. As has been the norm, the waves were challenging and FUN... and the Boss was just challenging! We died a lot, including one instant total wipe that required all of us to run to town or a nearby healing wagon! This is UO! :D


Just wanted to share some of our early adventures, with MANY more ahead of us. Get out there and make your own history, and have a great time while you're at it! Peace! :)
Now that we've been Live for a week now ( :D ) I will be adding new adventures soon. With that in mind, most of the information in here is up-to-date and folks should be able to find some helpful information here. See you in the world! :)
Magic and Crafted Properties

Howdy Adventurers! I've wanted to consolidate magical and crafted properties into one place for a while now, so here's what I've got:

*I welcome with open arms any corrections or additions, so feel free to comment!


Durability: Exceptional: +25, Mastercrafted: +50 (base durability is 100)
Accuracy: Exceptional: +3% (All crafted accuracy bonuses apply to creatures only)
Tactics: Exceptional: +10

Dull: +15 Durability, +1% Accuracy, +1 Tactics
Shadow: +20 Durability, +2% Accuracy, +2 Tactics
Copper: +25 Durability, +3% Accuracy, +3 Tactics
Bronze: +30 Durability, +4% Accuracy, +4 Tactics
Gold: +35 Durability, +5% Accuracy, +5 Tactics
Agapite/Rose: +40 Durability, +6% Accuracy, +6 Tactics
Vere: +45 Durability, +7% Accuracy, +7 Tactics
Val: +50 Durability, +8% Accuracy, +8 Tactics
Avar: +55 Durability, +9% Accuracy, +9 Tactics

(Example 1: A Mastercrafted Avarwood bow would have 205 Durability, +19 Tactics, and +12% Accuracy against creatures)
(Example 2: An Indestructible, Exceedingly Accurate, Power bow would have 150 Durability, +20 Tactics, and +12% Accuracy)

Durable: +10
Substantial: +20
Massive: +30
Fortified: +40
Indestructable: +50

Accurate: +3%
Surpassingly: +6%
Eminently: +9%
Exceedingly: +12%
Supremely: +15%

Ruin: +5
Might: +10
Force: +15
Power: +20
Vanquishing: +25

Lesser: +15% Damage (against slayer type)
Regular: +30% Damage (against slayer type)
Greater: +45% Damage (against slayer type)

Durability: (Base durability is 100)
Exceptional: +50
Dull: +15
Shadow: +20
Copper: +25
Bronze: +30
Gold: +35
Agapite/Rose: +40
Vere: +45
Val: +50
Avar: +55

AR: (Sorry, I don't have full figures at this time; it appears to be a percentage of base AR... I might come back to this)
Exceptional: *Seems to be +35% of base AR... tested it with arms, but it could be a percentage based on the AR of a full set of the same material.
Dull: Just putting a place marker here: Regular Leather Arms AR is 3.8, Exceptional Leather Arms AR is 5.2, Exceptional Dullhide Arms AR is 5.4
Shadow: Exceptional Shadowhide Arms AR is 5.6
Copper: Exceptional Copperhide Arms AR is 5.8
Bronze: Exceptional Bronzehide Arms AR is 6.0
Gold: Etc.

Durability: (Base durability is 100)
Durable: +20
Substantial: +40
Massive: +60
Fortified: +80
Indestructible: +100


Defense: +10% base AR
Guarding: +20% base AR
Hardening: +30% base AR
Fortification: +40% base AR
Invulnerability: +50% base AR

Durability (Uses): (Base is 500)
Exceptional: +200
Dull: +75
Shadow: +100
Copper: +125
Bronze: +150
Gold: +175
Rose: +200
Vere: +225
Val: +250
Avar: +275

Example: A Mastercrafted Avarwood Lute would give +16 to all Bard skills and would have 975 Uses

Effectiveness: (additive applied to all barding skills)
Exceptional: +5
Dull: +3
Shadow: +4
Copper: +5
Bronze: +6
Gold: +7
Rose: +8
Vere: +9
Val: +10
Avar: +11

Durability (Uses): (Base is 500)
Durable: +100
Substantial: +200
Massive: +300
Fortified: +400
Indestructible: +500

Melodious: +5 Barding Skill
Surpassingly: +10 Barding Skill
Eminently: +15 Barding Skill
Exceedingly: +20 Barding Skill
Supremely: +25 Barding Skill

No special properties associated with crafted spellbooks at this time.

Durable: +100 Charges
Substantial: +150 Charges
Massive: +200 Charges
Fortified: +250 Charges
Indestructible: +300 Charges

Potency: (Chance to refund mana on spellcast, PvM only)
Potent: +5%
Surpassingly: +10%
Eminently: +15%
Exceedingly: +20%
Supremely: +25%