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static mixed in with sound/music ONLY with Classic client.

So only when i'm playing the UO classic server is the only time I get this, granted I could just go and play under razor or steam but id prefer not to as i really enjoy it... It doesn't drown out the other sound too badly or anything and this is through any sound source. just a minor static reverb when a sound plays. Anyone else ever experienced this?
I did most of those things however now sound only comes through my right headphone and ONLY in Classic UO client. Any ideas? works normal doing literally anything else...even steam and razor.
This also happens with expensive or should I say more top end audio interfaces.
I produce and record music professionally so rather than use the cheap normal built in audio cards
I'm using a Scarlett Multi channel external audio card and I have the same issues.
I just started back on UO only a couple days ago and almost immediately started having my audio
crackle but only when on UO. All other audio mp3s, youtube etc. all work fine without crackle.
sometimes it'll even play in super slow motion like the stones login music was playing in half
time super slow with static.. it was kind of cool but super annoying... :(
did you ever get a fix?
Try updating audio drivers, .net, c++ etc. Also try latest dev build instead of beta to see if it is resolved (Ace Mason has a guide). May help to add uoo/cuo folders to antivirus exception list in case cpu/memory usage was high. Newer dev builds often have optimizations including a memory leak fix and new fna reference libraries (game entine/audio/video libraries). Verify uo outlands is up to date.

Please use discord if issues persist. Consider using iobit driver booster to find alternate drivers.

cuo dev:
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I have the same issue as Pico with my Focusrite Scarlett. I know it's not a gaming soundcard, but I haven't seen these issues with other games. I can get around the issue by playing with my USB headset that acts a separate sound device. Not sure what the cause is, would be cool if someone could figure it out!
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