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GUIDE UO Performance troubleshooting collection and guide (network, ping, lag, choppy gameplay etc)

Quick guides:

UO Trace (ping/trace route for network troubleshooting):
Network Trace Route/Polling to game server (take a screenshot for reference):

1a. Update your computer (windows update general):

1b. Update Windows to the latest milestone version (newer than Windows Update) via Windows 10 Update Assistant:

2. Update Drivers:

Review manufacturer driver links for Audio/sound, gpu/video card drivers, amd/intel motherboard drivers, network adapters etc...

3a. How to perform ping within UO:
  • In UO Standard client type:
    • -ping
      • that is "-ping" without quotes. This will bring up "command" and you type "-ping"
  • In Classic UO - feature is not supported as of 2019/3/23, use Razor's feature:
    • " -ping"
    • That is "space" and a "-ping". There is a leading space and WITHOUT quotes
  • some players report low ping in houses, high ping in towns/faction areas and higher ping while running
    • the ping tool may not be accurate (see UO TRACE) and may be due to client flooding more than actual ping but still handy (grain of salt!)

4b. Scan for Malware:
  • Scan your computer for Malware with ADWCleaner (finds rare malware/pup)
  • Malwarebytes - run this second
    • https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/
    • add your UO Steam, UO Outlands, ClassicUO folders etc to Malwarebytes Exception list if you install the demo for antimalware (active scan)
      • use this to do a complete system scan > find malware > reboot

5. Firewall and Antivirus Exception list
Add your UO Outlands client, UOSteam, UOrazor and ClassicUO (if applicable) to:
  1. Firewall Exception list (Windows or 3rd party like Norton)
    1. Windows:
      1. https://www.brooksnet.com/setup/firewallsetup-sp2.html
    2. Norton:
      1. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v64908971_ns_retail_en_us
  2. Antivirus Exception list (entire game folders and/or clients)
    1. google your vendor's software!
      1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+add+exception+to+antivirus
    2. example:
      1. norton:
        1. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v116457581_ns_retail_en_us
      2. AVG:
        1. https://support.avg.com/SupportArti...to-make-exclusions-from-all-scans-and-shields
  3. example files to add to exclusion lists:
      1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online
      2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Razor
      3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\OutlandsUO.exe
      4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlands Ultima Online\ClassicUO.exe
      5. C:\Program Files (x86)\UOS
      6. C:\Program Files (x86)\UOS\UOS.exe
      7. outlands installer:
        1. C:\Users\wonderwoman\Downloads\OutlandsUO.exe

8. Power cycle modem and router (slow ping, packet loss, 100% packet loss issues, issues after an update/patch, dns change etc):
  • Turn off computer(s)
  • Unplug power cord to Modem
  • Unplug power cord to Router (if applicable)
  • Wait 60 seconds!
  • Plug in power cord to Modem
  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Plug in power cord to Router
  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Power up computers

9. VERIFY Nobody is streaming media on your network during tests or issues
  • ( I have no issues with netflix on two tvs but I am on 100MB/s connection):
  • Have people turn off netflix , Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crunchy Roll etc especially if your having lag
  • If you have smart tvs, chromecast, amazon fire, roku etc make sure these are not active
    • even with your tv off amazon fire, roku etc may still stream unless you are on their app homepage (stopped)

10. Wireless vs Network Cable
  • A network cable will always be fastest.
    • I upgraded all my cables to Cat7 since I have an old house with a ton of interference (double shielded)
      • I also updated all my coaxial to quad shielded
        • this is overkill for 99% of you probably.
  • If on Wireless and in the same room connect on 5.2GHZ if available (AC /wifi-5 or higher).
    • If further away, behind walls, different floor utilize 2.4ghz wifi (A/B/G/N). This has a slower, stronger, farther signal.
  • If your having issues on failing network cards, if you have a usb wifi card use that for a second opinion/test
    • we did this to rule out a older network card

11a. Call your ISP!
  • Have your ISP verify you do not have packet loss between your modem and the ISP
    • have them test your signal strength, packet loss issues etc
    • if they have no clue what your talking about get escalated to an advance networking team member/level 2 staff
    • splitters will / can cause signal degradation (and quality of splitters). less splitters to modem from isp line to house the better.
  • If you have been actively using UO TRACE and observe "network hops" half way between you and UO Outlands, share this with your ISP
    • You can ask for a better route/less hops between your modem and the server
    • UO Outlands Server:
      • DNS server name: play.uooutlands.com
      • IP:
      • Port: 2593
    • This can be helpful with ISPs that care, most do not. You may have to pressure them to research it and explain others do not have this issue.
  • Ask for a more modern Modem.
    • make sure your getting your paid bandwidth/download speeds. If you pay for 100MBS dont settle for 20MBS on an old modem from 10 years ago.
      • Have them get you a newer modem and/or router
  • If you do have a wireless network Wireless AC (wifi 5) is a great standard. The new Wireless X standard (wifi 6) will be great over the next few years (and even better).
  • Always use a network cable if you can!

11b. Get a new modem or router

  • This may seem odd but several people have reported to me that a new modem from their ISP resolved their issues (or router).
    • You can also purchase your own modems and request your ISP to stop the monthly charge (if you know how to do this you can find details elsewhere
  • Why a new modem?
    • Often people have "older" modems from their isp from when they signed up but technology has changed. You may now be paying for 100MBs but your old modem is rated for 20MBs.
    • Your older modem may have poor signal strength/packet loss issues, have out of date firmware, be a known modem with issues (some intel based modems) or a host of other issues.
    • it may be prone to overheating
    • It doesn't hurt to call your isp and ask them to replace your modem with a newer model
      • if your modem has a "built in router" make sure the replacement does as well!
    • Also have your ISP test signal strength and for packet loss to your house/modem. They may need to send a tech out (some are free some charge) to replace old coaxile lines, bad splitters (or remove them is best), issues with lines outside etc.
  • Why a new router?
    • usually this is not needed but it doesn't hurt to have new technology. If you play in "another room" and are not rocking an AC router you may want to consider upgrading
    • 2019-2020 is the year of Wifi 6 aka AX standard, a newer and "Betterer" standard.
      • This is detailed elsewhere but if your close to your router try 5.2ghz spectrum and if you are far away/behind walls try 2.4ghz but always use a network cable if you can!

12. Unable to connect/ Try flushing DNS server

13. Try a different dns server (not very applicable to UO):

14. Update .net to the latest version (Microsoft .NET framework)

16. Repair Windows with TWEAKING.com's all in one tool

17. REBOOT!!!!
17. REBOOT!!!!

18. stuck in walls? not able to connect at all (100% packet loss)? Make sure you have updated UO Outlands!!!

19. try another pc on your network, do you have the same issues?
  • if you have the same issues on all pcs on the same network:
    • most likely its a distance issue (international player) or an isp issue, bad routing/hops, bad network, someone is streaming movies, your on a bad wifi signal (try wired), have network interference , old networking equipment (modems or routers) etc.
  • if only your pc is bad, that narrows it down at least to your PC
    • refresh/reinstall windows?
    • uninstall reinstall game?
    • viruses/malware?
    • bad hardware (failing hard drives, bad ram, not enough ram, old powersupply, old hard drive etc)
      • SSD are fast as heck =)

If you are reinstalling make sure you follow the instructions:
- Also run the installer and Outlands patcher as admin (run as admin)


** Note: if using Classic UO make sure you are utilizing the latest build and join the discord Classic UO Channel for support

21. I like to "run as admin" my UO Outlands installer, the client patcher etc. This helps resolve various Windows O/S permission issues:

22. uo fps patcher for the standard/older client (classicuo is already 60+ fps... this is for standard client, uosteam etc). i do not use so do not ask about this one ask discord



23. Try classic uo - its in alpha, it rocks , works with razor and it has 60FPS+ woot.

24. Try closing the discord app (slows down computers) and use the browser , it has helped several players:

25. make sure your hard drive isn't failing :

26. perform SFC /scannow
  • Launch command prompt (CMD) as administrator (right click it > run as admin):
  • Tweaking.com all in one app also has this:
    • "pre-repair steps"
    • "step 3 - important", click check

30. SSD Toolbox (intel SSD drives only):

31. try a vpn service (last resort for bad ping)... dont throw a bandaid on a broken leg, fix the leg first!:
* WTFast
* Ping Zapper
* Aussies reported: Mudpuppy
- again rule out all other options first
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Common issue: "I can't connect and everyone else can"... read what I wrote above for more details....
  • make sure you run the UO Outlands patcher
    • try running as admin
  • flush dns (see post)
  • reboot modem and router (see post) and pcs
  • try another dns service ( your isp may take too long to refresh ip dns lookups
Runtimebroker.exe using 15%+ cpu:
a. launch "photos" in windows 10 from microsoft
b. disable it from running in background (you can turn off photos/microsoft photos and people in windows+i (settings) then privacy > background apps)
c. in the settings of photos remove any folder paths being monitored for photos. this returned 15% cpu!
Basic network/lag troubleshooting:
Unplug power cord to modem and router wait 2 minutes. Plugin modem wait 2 minutes. Plugin router wait 1 minute and then reboot pc
Also update router firmware
Also add your pc to router prioritization or qos (see performance guide for more such as network card tweaks, driver updates, tcp optimizer etc)
Global Accelerator
Players may now use the [accelerate command to toggle whether you connect via the Global Accelerator or not
A player's [accelerate command preference will be saved to their account and will take effect the next time they log in