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The Field of Souls - Available October 26th through November 2nd


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The Field of Souls event will be live for one week (beginning Saturday, Oct. 26th sometime after the Fourth Official 1v1 Tournament (with Cash Prizes!) and ending on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 11:30pm EST)!


A strange and malevolent force has been murdering citizens of the realm, so cruelly that their souls have become restless and now haunt our realm. Coincidentally, Occult Merchants from the Forsaken Keep, have appeared to provide their services and can be found near the main banks of Prevalia and Corpse Creek.

Content may change at any time. Make sure to check back often and in-game!
Special Thanks to:

@Luthius for developing this extraordinary event
@Owyn for creating the region
@ErikGray for the post intro

How Do I Participate?
  • Obtain an Empty Soul Jar
    • Can be purchased from an Occult Merchant in Prevalia or Corpse Creek
    • Chance of dropping as loot from monsters while the event is active
  • Locate an Eerie Corpse (found in Towns, Dungeons, and the Wilderness)
  • Use the Spirit Speak skill to fill an Empty Soul Jar in your backpack
    • Can be done with zero skill
    • Will convert into a Filled Soul Jar
  • Travel to an Occult Merchant within 2 Hours of filling the Soul Jar and click the Enter the Field of Souls button
  • Find and slay the Eerie Spirit matching the name spoken by the Eerie Corpse (players may single-click their Filled Soul Jar to see that soul's name) to earn Event Points
  • Players will have 15 minutes within the Field of Souls, regardless of how many Filled Soul Jars they take in, and then be ejected to town


How Do I Earn Event Points?
There are various ways to earn Event Points:
  • Slaying an Eerie Spirit: 1 Event Point
  • Slaying a Name-Matched Eerie Spirit: 30 Event Points
  • Slaying a Reaper of Souls: 10 Event Points
  • Destroying a Well of Souls: 15 Event Points
  • Slaying a Roaming Spirit: 25 Points


  • Empty and Filled Soul Jars cannot be stolen by players (but can be looted)
  • Any Filled Soul Jars will shatter within 2 hours if not brought to the Field of Souls
  • When a Filled Soul Jar shatters, its corresponding Eerie Spirit is lost
  • Players will have 15 minutes within the Field of Souls, regardless of how many Filled Soul Jars they take in, and then be ejected to town
  • Leaving the Field of Souls (by any means) will shatter any Filled Soul Jars on a player
  • Players cannot perform harmful acts to other players in the Field of Souls
  • All items on a player are considered Blessed while inside the Field of Souls region
    • The main issue is that there is potential for players to die within the region, be ejected when the timer expires and lose all their items
    • Because of this, we believe players will have a chance to try out "glass cannon/best gear" builds in a "safe" area
    • Grouping with friends/guildmates is suggested but solo play is completely viable
    • Enjoy yourselves in this accursed realm!


  • There are around 150 Town, 700 Dungeon, and 100 Wilderness Eerie Corpse locations
  • A new Eerie Corpse spawns every 1 minute until there are about 100 active Eerie Corpses in the world

Surviving the Field of Souls:
With only 15 minutes allotted (at a time) within the Field of Souls, players must decide what their goals will be. Do they lay to rest as many Eerie Spirits as possible or search and redeem Filled Soul Jars for more Event Points? Should they destroy a Well of Souls or explore the abandoned cabin deep within the Fields? Although players cannot harm one another within the region, there are nightmarish beings on the prowl, stalking and preying on players in an effort to hinder their progress.


  • An Eerie Spirit will NOT attack a player unless it is attacked first
  • The Reapers of Souls, Roaming Spirits, and other terrors WILL attack players though
  • The Well of Souls can be destroyed by double clicking and staying nearby (no weapon necessary)
    • Due to eternal energy flowing into it, the Well of Souls has an AoE that damages any nearby player/pet/follower/etc
    • Watch out for the red things/animation



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Event Score Rewards (distributed at the end of the Field of Souls event):

Unique Items from the Field of Souls event:
Will be updated as players find them...


Empty Soul Jar (cannot be stacked)


Treat Basket (random candy)
Really nice event so far, fun to find the corpses in dungeons and then go to the fields to try to kill mobs and find your lost soul. It's really well made - 10 points! The creepy atmosphere in the fields is perfect, great map, also love the leaves blowing by. Only feedback could be -- how about a guaranteed treat basket if you find the soul that you are supposed to save?